modded Microsoft Flight Simulator is perfectly realistic

5 sep 2020
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modded Microsoft Flight Simulator is perfectly realistic
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From light planes to wide-body jets, fly highly detailed and accurate aircraft in the next generation of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Test your piloting skills against the challenges of night flying, real-time atmospheric simulation and live weather in a dynamic and living world.
The World is at your Fingertips.
• Vivid and Detailed Landscapes - Immerse yourself in the vast and beautiful world that is our planet with over 37 thousand airports, 1.5 billion buildings, 2 trillion trees, mountains, roads, rivers and more.
• Living World - Earth is vibrant and ever-changing and so is the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator which includes live traffic, real-time weather and animals.
Earn Your Wings.
• Aircraft - Hone your pilot skills in a variety of aircraft from light planes to commercial jets with comprehensive flight models. Every aircraft includes highly detailed and accurate cockpits with realistic instrumentation.
• New Checklist System - From pro to beginner, scale your level from full manual to full assist with interactive and highlighted instrument guidance and checklist.
Test Your Skills.
• Live Weather - The new weather engine enables users to switch on the live weather mode to experience real-time weather including accurate wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, rain and more.
• New Day & Night Engine - experience flight at any time of day or year allowing for night VFR, visual flight rules, navigation.
• Aerodynamic Modeling - a state-of-the-art physics engine with over 1000 control surfaces per plane allows for a truly realistic experience.
The Deluxe Edition includes everything from Microsoft Flight Simulator plus 5 additional highly accurate planes with unique flight models and 5 additional handcrafted international airports.
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  • Time for my favorite part of a simulator, the "more zeroes" part.

    GrayStillPlaysGrayStillPlays2 månader sedan
    • Graystillplays by the power of Satan. Me WHAT THE HELL!

      Adam TheriotAdam TheriotMånad sedan
    • .

      Isaacs Random VideosIsaacs Random VideosMånad sedan
    • .

      Isaacs Random VideosIsaacs Random VideosMånad sedan
    • .

      Isaacs Random VideosIsaacs Random VideosMånad sedan
    • .

      Isaacs Random VideosIsaacs Random VideosMånad sedan
  • Why does gray sound a little bit like Donald trump

    Roman JordanRoman Jordan25 minuter sedan
  • As gray teached me. If something isnt fast enough...JUST ADD A MILLION 0s to its speed.

    Kevin GuzmanKevin Guzman11 timmar sedan
  • Do you think your over the air speed limit yet?

    Frank SchoenfelderFrank Schoenfelder12 timmar sedan
  • Just casually breaking the sound barrier in a Cessna

    Luke DLuke D17 timmar sedan
  • The flight computers: terrain terrain. Pull up! Me: YEAH I HAVE BEEN DOING THAT FOR A WHILE! Also flight computers: *bluescreen

    BoxersteaveeBoxersteavee18 timmar sedan
  • Welcome to steam edition.....

    Matheus SantosMatheus Santos23 timmar sedan
  • I thought I felt a demonic presence in FS2020 the other day Now I know why

    16dragons16dragons2 dagar sedan
  • Looks like the boeing was just at a POOLICA BAR

    imp buddyimp buddy2 dagar sedan
  • Ah yes rookie numbers

    imp buddyimp buddy2 dagar sedan

    Liam IsaacsonLiam Isaacson3 dagar sedan
  • Hope he remembered to lean the engine a bit

    JN PulsarJN Pulsar3 dagar sedan
  • This has to be the dumbest thing I have ever watched in my life lol

    Landon GoodLandon Good4 dagar sedan
  • I watched a video and it said ultra realistic physics. Graystillplays response, “ultra retarded physics”

    gatgat4 dagar sedan
  • Only Florida men can pin this

    Da DogDa Dog5 dagar sedan
  • 4:05 wow that is super sonic speed its going 1 mach which is 1000 knots well that thing is going more than 1 mach. And 10000 feet is fine for a 747 and other big planes but for a cessna thats alot

    efilling berjayaefilling berjaya6 dagar sedan
  • you should have given the cessna 152 7.5M pounds of thrust which is the thrust the saturn V moon rocket had upon takeoff

    RexxidyRexxidy6 dagar sedan
  • the space shuttle enters the atmosphere at mach 25

    Efren FierroEfren Fierro8 dagar sedan
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Detroit 2099 VFR Playground Pt 2

    Brock StathemBrock Stathem9 dagar sedan
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Detroit 2099 VFR Playground Pt 1 @

    Brock StathemBrock Stathem9 dagar sedan
  • reeeeeeeee

    Logan DeanLogan Dean10 dagar sedan
  • You can cruise at 1200 Ktas in a F15 or SR 71 casually

    Khoh Zong EuKhoh Zong Eu10 dagar sedan
  • Why does he always have to ruin games

    Dimitri TynerDimitri Tyner12 dagar sedan
  • when gray say rookie numbers

    clash lordclash lord12 dagar sedan
    • @Notivical ?

      clash lordclash lord12 dagar sedan
    • what

      NotivicalNotivical12 dagar sedan
  • ME GREY LET,S FLY MACH 1 GERY ROOKE NUMBERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tharini SenthilTharini Senthil12 dagar sedan
  • lol

    Sergio Iván Brito DueñasSergio Iván Brito Dueñas12 dagar sedan
  • *W H E N T H A T V T E C K I C K S I N , Y O!*

    HiiighAsAKiteHiiighAsAKite12 dagar sedan
  • Pro pilot: *flies a cesna backwards* Grey: "So, you think you're tough, huh?"

    Union of Soviet Socialists RepublicUnion of Soviet Socialists Republic12 dagar sedan
  • Its not called microsoft flight simulator its called microsoft flight simulator 2020

    Sam Villacosta GamingSam Villacosta Gaming13 dagar sedan
  • satan is not anymore satan gray is satan

    SpacePlaneCrazySpacePlaneCrazy13 dagar sedan
  • It looks like the files are made to be changed

    Hudson RhodesHudson Rhodes13 dagar sedan
  • I challenge you to recreate this in FS2020.

    Andrés AriasAndrés Arias13 dagar sedan
  • 1 gajillion

    i am a streameri am a streamer14 dagar sedan
  • U went Mach 1 :)

    Aviation ChannelAviation Channel14 dagar sedan
  • Cessna 152 looks like a pick up truck that fly’s... SUB TO ME =D

    Aviation ChannelAviation Channel14 dagar sedan
  • 4:05 DBZ 💯

    Jacob BennettJacob Bennett14 dagar sedan
  • He said he’s not even going to allow the game to not except what he’s going to do to it

    Pipe cleaner MasterPipe cleaner Master15 dagar sedan
  • you never seam to amaze me i always get a good laugh thank you

    Eli FergusonEli Ferguson15 dagar sedan
  • Worlds first hypersonic propeller?

    TheAverage BlitzerTheAverage Blitzer16 dagar sedan
  • Looks so cool

    Shaan SahniShaan Sahni16 dagar sedan
  • Why are planes not built to do this

    William TeeterWilliam Teeter16 dagar sedan
    • They are. Just not more than once.

      NorthForkFishermanNorthForkFisherman15 dagar sedan
  • Any numbers that don’t have more than 2 numbers as gray says it “rookie numbers”

    Juicy BoyJuicy Boy16 dagar sedan
  • you know that you've made good content when you've hit 1,146,269 views

    Aqueous_FireballAqueous_Fireball17 dagar sedan
  • me: makes microsoft flight sim Gray:lets put a gizilion zeros and break fisiks

    IDENTIFY2020XXX YTIDENTIFY2020XXX YT18 dagar sedan
  • DBZ character: gets hit in the face The animators talking about their neck length: 1:23

    Wut-Guy-CreationsWut-Guy-Creations19 dagar sedan
  • 5:12 that’s the entire southern part of Florida just to show how high he is

    Nobody SpecialNobody Special20 dagar sedan
  • Him just flying like it's a tour at night while his plane is flipping a billion times 😂😂

    BuzzKillBuzzKill20 dagar sedan
  • * developer adds a number to the code * GrayStillPlays: *mY tUrNn*

    Notaproatall20Notaproatall2020 dagar sedan
  • Ever heard of trim tabs

    Jhonjhon 17Jhonjhon 1720 dagar sedan
  • Thats why 2020 is a game and DCS is a simulation. 2020 was built for lil kids with xbox controllers. DCS was built for VR fighterpilots

    ThemhealsThemheals21 dag sedan
  • Starting at normal numbers and not immediately going to numbers that makes the laws of physics want to cry out in pain who are you and what have you done with the real gray

    Pipe cleaner MasterPipe cleaner Master22 dagar sedan
  • 1:16 I think what you really meant was should have

    Pipe cleaner MasterPipe cleaner Master22 dagar sedan
  • Microsoft: **A N G E R I N T E N S I F E S**

    Ruth KirchhoferRuth Kirchhofer22 dagar sedan
  • Someone: "Is that the real GraystillPlays?" *flys over* *plane doing backflips* "Yep."

    Devon RogersDevon Rogers23 dagar sedan
  • You know it’s so bad when it only “this number” and not a real number

    Killatron3000 DadaKillatron3000 Dada24 dagar sedan
  • Tower, this is GrayStillPlays... We’ve gone space shuttle status.

    Brodie FriesenBrodie Friesen24 dagar sedan
  • 60-alot

    Marvin1337Marvin133724 dagar sedan
  • Welp, time to teach my dad the real physics of Microsoft Flight Simulator. I'll probably edit this to add what happened, so stay tuned.

    Lazy Furry PlayzLazy Furry Playz25 dagar sedan
  • You scare me sometimes. I am scared of planes...

    Tara ZaremskiTara Zaremski26 dagar sedan
  • Every other pilot seeing Gray: “Da fuq dey doin’ ovr dere?”

    ji17Oji17O26 dagar sedan
  • 8:35 I think he is entering Neptune atmosphere

    Adrian PieturaAdrian Pietura27 dagar sedan
  • Micro&Soft devs when they see GSP got an account: "Oh no, our baby!"

    asertaaserta27 dagar sedan
  • how fast can you fly around the world

    Rasmus 3300Rasmus 330027 dagar sedan
  • 😂

    Carl BrainCarl Brain28 dagar sedan
  • I can confidently say, as a piloting student who trains in a cessna, this is exactly what it's like to fly a the 152

    Gus OliverGus Oliver28 dagar sedan
  • grey should play with airforceproud95 who does videos on microsoft flight sim and I would love to see AFP95's reaction to grey's insanity

    Yeetlord 2020Yeetlord 202028 dagar sedan
  • i like how gray thinks 1100 machs is bad at the beggining when in reality thats only mach 1.64 which is pretty tame in air force and navy standards

    Watered ObstacleWatered Obstacle29 dagar sedan
  • hmmmm looks like a normal flight to me

    Windows 95Windows 9529 dagar sedan
  • This is basically idiotic

    MyflattailMyflattailMånad sedan
  • Gray didn’t realise; he didn’t just go into space with a Cessna... He doubled the distance needed to be scientifically in space. Florida Science...

    OllieGames123. A—PS4–Gamer.OllieGames123. A—PS4–Gamer.Månad sedan
    • @Tritanium that need to happen badly

      Helvetica WinterHelvetica Winter8 dagar sedan
    • Give Florida Science the military budget, they'll explore other dimensions

      TritaniumTritanium10 dagar sedan
    • Yes that is true

      Laser KingLaser King28 dagar sedan
  • Folder location please

    lanka sumanth patrudulanka sumanth patruduMånad sedan
  • Game: how many zeros Grey: yes

    William WatsonWilliam WatsonMånad sedan
  • The cessna at the beginning of the the video goes Mach two and that’s the slow one

    3 2 1 Let it kip3 2 1 Let it kipMånad sedan

    WhizKid Interviews America.WhizKid Interviews America.Månad sedan
  • When Florida man toys with the laws of physics.

    MisterJeiMisterJeiMånad sedan
  • Game : REALISTIC Gray: what does realistic mean? Sounds boring.

    Random personRandom personMånad sedan
  • *_fast_*

    Lula StevensLula StevensMånad sedan
  • it is literally simpleplanes but with a pre-built plane

    Salahuddin AshiqSalahuddin AshiqMånad sedan
  • you just went twice the speed of sound. IN A CESSNA.

    Dayle ArguellesDayle ArguellesMånad sedan
  • I wonder what microsoft will say about this vid😂

    carwashgamingcarwashgamingMånad sedan
  • I can see how this might be entertaining for children but the narration seems a bit forced. I like everything else though.

    lumurumbalumurumbaMånad sedan
  • Imagine being someone that takes seriously the sim and you see a cessna 152 going 1300 knots at 275k feet... Welcome to steam edition amirite?

    Takumi Fujiwara [ESP]Takumi Fujiwara [ESP]Månad sedan
  • I kinda want a new pc to move from FSX to FS2020

    Takumi Fujiwara [ESP]Takumi Fujiwara [ESP]Månad sedan
  • I would fly this airline if gray owned a airline

    Pug and Lilac youtubePug and Lilac youtubeMånad sedan
  • Wait now I really wish I had a computer if you can change the files like that dose that mean you an like cheat u In games like make your car go a million miles an hour in a racing game?!?!?!?! Just thinking

    Kid fix itKid fix itMånad sedan
  • funniest flight sim video I've ever seen!!!

    LordKwadLordKwadMånad sedan
  • 9:40 😂

    donmrLenndonmrLennMånad sedan
  • 6:55 moon launch sequence code activated

    donmrLenndonmrLennMånad sedan
  • 5,000,000,000 Gray ROOKIE NUMBERS

    PatrickgamezPatrickgamezMånad sedan
  • The plane in the thumbnail looks like if a cessnagot angry at some birds, went to the gym and got really jacked and came back for round 2

    that one guythat one guyMånad sedan
  • Thumbnail:*cessna with airbus engines* God: YOU SHALL NOT PASS IN HEAVEN!!!!!!

    Marilyn GregorioMarilyn GregorioMånad sedan
  • ROOKIE NUMBERS -Graystillplays

    Tom MontijoTom MontijoMånad sedan
  • nice of microsoft to HIDE THE DAMN FILE.

    protools fanaticprotools fanaticMånad sedan
  • ✝️

    Taco Flavored DoritosTaco Flavored DoritosMånad sedan
  • 6:25(ish) "oh, it bounced" ... and we laughed and laughed ... and laughed .

    martyn saltermartyn salterMånad sedan
  • So simplistic, but I lost it at “Max rated RPM: 2550” Gray: *NO* 1:48

    HazzardAllUltraHazzardAllUltraMånad sedan
  • Remind me not to let Grey build planes of the future

    Laser KingLaser KingMånad sedan
  • I dare you to add 9 instead of 0 because it has more value

    The WinLinux ProThe WinLinux ProMånad sedan
  • 12:45 Microsoft Dolphin Simulator

    gvstradamvsgvstradamvsMånad sedan
  • Still rookie numbers

    Matthew ShindelMatthew ShindelMånad sedan