when you pour 999,999,999 gallons of water onto the sun

18 okt 2020
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when you pour 999,999,999 gallons of water onto the sun
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terraforming the sun?
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  • Plot twist : Gray destroyed the moon, not Vanya.

    Damien GeorgesDamien GeorgesTimme sedan
  • In like..... 4.5 billion years

    Get LazarbeamedGet Lazarbeamed8 timmar sedan
  • He doesn't realise that when the sun goes out when it dies lol

    Get LazarbeamedGet Lazarbeamed8 timmar sedan
  • Earth:😭😭 Fire tsunami: LATER BALL OF DIRT YEET!!!

    Get LazarbeamedGet Lazarbeamed8 timmar sedan
  • Damn, I haven't laughed so hard in a while.

    DuedainDuedain10 timmar sedan
  • me: staring at the mouse hand thiggy me: is that roblox?!

    arthur lincoarthur linco12 timmar sedan
  • wait what app is this cause this looks fun

    Danari ElderDanari Elder18 timmar sedan
  • You'll put that But I'll put a extra 1 litre and that makes a billion so ha

    BlackPanther BPBlackPanther BP22 timmar sedan
  • Imagine waking up on the last day of 2020 and just hearing out of the blue: "Alright.."

    Erika RichardsErika RichardsDag sedan
  • If you really wanna torture the sims *Just put them into 2020*

    4 WZY4 WZYDag sedan
  • The man behind this video voice is our God

    ahmad xrayahmad xrayDag sedan
  • What is this game?

    Starboy’s random content!Starboy’s random content!Dag sedan
  • “I’m bad at science but I’m good at clicking buttons” I relate.

    agdrt kgyfdagdrt kgyfdDag sedan

    Foxy the PirateFoxy the PirateDag sedan
  • Venus is a gas planet....

    Chicken hawk productionsChicken hawk productionsDag sedan
  • The water drop would evaporate....

    bambino100011bambino100011Dag sedan
  • my family..

    Justin Y.Justin Y.Dag sedan
  • When grey hears category five tornadoes say "all right" KARMA

    FiregamerFiregamer2 dagar sedan
  • conversion in liter for those in need: 3785409996.21 Liter of water

    Erwan BErwan B2 dagar sedan
  • 12:45 G-Clef

    Janeo Vince JomokJaneo Vince Jomok2 dagar sedan
  • It's not a hydrogen bomb. It uses water. It's a oxegen bomb.

    Ziggyzaggy 300Ziggyzaggy 3002 dagar sedan
  • Hey Grey instead of adding 0's why dont you add *9's*

    xXxLxnaAngxlTwinzXxXxXxLxnaAngxlTwinzXxX2 dagar sedan
  • I like how everything says when, like you do it everyday

    Rachel KargasRachel Kargas2 dagar sedan
  • I think it would be cool to die to a earth sized rasengan

    bigger brainbigger brain2 dagar sedan
  • 13:09 thank me later...

    RishitRishit3 dagar sedan
  • Obsidian

    o po p3 dagar sedan
  • Just imagine alien civilizations seeing how water appears out of nowhere on our solar system and somehow creates a supernova of death that literally desintegrates every planet around it lol

    AstralYTAstralYT3 dagar sedan
  • Plot twist for the last day of 2020 god just gonna make grey control everything

    TheEmeraldCrewTheEmeraldCrew3 dagar sedan
  • What would happen if we did this on Venus or Jupiter UMM EXCUSE ME... OOOoooohhhh.., v, not p

    Jessica PhilpotJessica Philpot3 dagar sedan
  • the water on venus was black because you can color water now

    pluto dootopluto dooto3 dagar sedan
  • God that would be a lot of obsidian

    Retarded_ApeRetarded_Ape3 dagar sedan
  • I hate when this happens, it's so annoying.

    rach9580 rach9580rach9580 rach95803 dagar sedan
  • How many zeroes? "Yes"

    Ezekiel / EZFMEzekiel / EZFM3 dagar sedan
  • Grey broke physics on this one.... Minimum possible temperature - 273.15 degrees Celsius. At that point there is only residual atomic vibration. Interesting to note that contemporary models of physical cosmology postulate that the highest possible temperature is the Planck temperature, which has the value 1.416785(71)×10 kelvin, or about 2.55×10 fahrenheit. Still Rookie Numbers for Grey..................

    SteeVeeDeeSteeVeeDee4 dagar sedan
  • "Look! We're fixing Venus! We're turning it into a real planet!" *i t a l r e a d y i s* 5:33

    Max StrongMax Strong4 dagar sedan
  • Planet humans must be mad at this

    Tango GachaTango Gacha4 dagar sedan
  • I hAte HOw hE maKeS eARth roUNd

    Apollo MangosApollo Mangos4 dagar sedan
  • Gray more like gay (this is just a joke I am not responsible for your anger issues)

    paps thegreatpaps thegreat4 dagar sedan
  • yes it becomes brighter and hotter and bigger

    Kim Son Luu GS åk 7 VaragårdsskolanKim Son Luu GS åk 7 Varagårdsskolan5 dagar sedan
  • Make a new star from the corpse of the sun

    Aryan SayyadAryan Sayyad5 dagar sedan
  • But why Why would you do that

    Big PpBig Pp5 dagar sedan
  • at the first water he put 1 or 2 quadrillion KG of mass being thrown at earth

    Andrei Ioan PopaAndrei Ioan Popa5 dagar sedan
  • Extreme cold + extreme heat = allah akbar

    Long dong Bing bongLong dong Bing bong5 dagar sedan
  • “Because water is part of hydrogen” Uhhhhhhhhhhh

    Grayson PlaysGrayson Plays5 dagar sedan
  • Why did you have to be mean I live in Australia

    Beau CBeau C5 dagar sedan
  • Gray has a sadistic voice but a face as if he would take you to McDonald's and buy you a drink.

    fulguracityfulguracity5 dagar sedan
  • 12:15 you need to make that your wall paper of intergalactic destruction

    PenguinX20PenguinX205 dagar sedan
  • 12:44 M U S I K

    Anthony KellyAnthony Kelly5 dagar sedan
  • I am glad Gray is not god

    AKSAKS5 dagar sedan
  • 10:58 AC/DC fans, rise up.

    Yeeting into YeetnessYeeting into Yeetness6 dagar sedan
  • 10:25 When u go to the nether in minecraft.

    鱷屬底棲鱷屬底棲6 dagar sedan
  • I would love to play this but my pc would create another Hiroshima in my room.

    Vicious CatVicious Cat6 dagar sedan
  • News: Sudden Supernova to happen soon. No scientist saw it coming! Me: Graayy...what did you do? Gray: I was just pouring water to the Sun. All of sudden that happened

    Haziq ImanHaziq Iman6 dagar sedan
  • If gray was god: Angle:, sooo ok what do we create Gary:ok lets make florda Angle:oook Gray:put humans with pp 1 mile long Angle:WHA- Gray:SHUT and DO IT angle:ok Gary:now PUT 100 BARS Angle:ok Gray:AND NOW MAKE BEAR BAR TENDERS Angle:WHA... just ok Gray:AND MAKE FLORDA MEN FIGHT BEARS Angle:now i see why the other angle left Gray:AND MAKE BUD LIGHT

    game neoratorgame neorator6 dagar sedan
  • 12:46 You literally made a perfect treble clef out of Saturn's rings and Jupiter, how in the f**k did you manage that? xD

    Cavatina (Nova Bell)Cavatina (Nova Bell)6 dagar sedan
  • Jerry smith would disagree with you. 😆 rick&morty

    richard kleginrichard klegin6 dagar sedan
  • sun: explodes planets: I dont feel so good.

    ArchitectArchitect6 dagar sedan
  • I finally figured out the reason for 2020... Gray

    Zoe RothsteinZoe Rothstein6 dagar sedan
  • It'll turn into stone, and obsidian

    DendeDende6 dagar sedan
  • Yeah

    Nex SuperneNex Superne6 dagar sedan
  • "Neptune, you're mostly water" "No I WAS mostly water" Both of those sentences are incorrect

    AtlasAtlas6 dagar sedan
  • Fun fact: more water to the sun = the sun expands, btw this is actually true

    VariousEnforcementVariousEnforcement6 dagar sedan
  • .

    Marco !Marco !6 dagar sedan
  • Is nobody gonna comment on the fact that it is physically impossible for temperatures to go below 0°K? (-273.15°C/-459,67°F)

    Alex00712Alex007126 dagar sedan
    • Like in, there's not a single way going below 0°K could ever make sense in any type of scientific way, that's just not how temperature works on the low end. There is a rock bottom to temperature, there maybe is a limit for heat too, but so far it would only be a limit dictated by the available mass and/or energy in our universe (assuming there is only one)

      Alex00712Alex007126 dagar sedan
  • happy thaks givinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng

    Jill WellsJill Wells6 dagar sedan
  • "How's the temperature on the sun? Twenty bazillion degrees celsius, huh? ... Seems legit" :D

    murphvienna1murphvienna17 dagar sedan
  • Why are you obsessed with Florida and Australia

    James JohnsonJames Johnson7 dagar sedan
  • I like plyto

    Cristina SilvaCristina Silva7 dagar sedan
  • Vsauce talked about pooring a lot of water onto the sun, but I'm to lazy to watch that or this video. Just here to comment

    MarioXHK and othersMarioXHK and others7 dagar sedan
  • Yo wtf I was literally thinking about this, this morning and now I get this recommendation lol that's amazing

    Boss BossBoss Boss7 dagar sedan
  • I mean he just said nah I don't need that last gallon

    Christian SiddallChristian Siddall7 dagar sedan
  • All the water would vaporize because its so hot near sun

    KypäräAivoKypäräAivo7 dagar sedan
  • Earth: Exists Gray: NOT ANYMORE!!!

  • gray’s check list: water: yes people dead: yes put out the sun: YES

    Natalie BoydNatalie Boyd7 dagar sedan
  • This one is easy, nothing.... Nothing will happen, as 999,999,999 gallons of water is less then 1/1 billionth the water on earth, which is 326,000,000,000,000,000,000 gallons, and the earth is a tiny speck of dust next to the sun. 😊

    Richard CharbonneauRichard Charbonneau7 dagar sedan
  • Nothing would happen i billion gallons on the sun would be like putting a teaspoon of water on a bonfire

    tazzytiger77tazzytiger777 dagar sedan
  • This is probablly the most played game on his channel

    NightGaming_YT Wolf clanNightGaming_YT Wolf clan7 dagar sedan
  • Venus reminds me of the death star

    Soumil KumarSoumil Kumar7 dagar sedan
  • Dude stop editing out what happens. We want to see the entire process not bits and pieces. Like we didn’t even see the water get shot at the sun. Wtf

    Cameron RomeroCameron Romero8 dagar sedan
  • Jupiter already has rings

    Joseph A.Joseph A.8 dagar sedan
  • And it becomes obsidian

    Sanson Geo SangeethSanson Geo Sangeeth8 dagar sedan
  • Now that's alot of damage

    Robloxian RBLXRobloxian RBLX8 dagar sedan
  • 999,999,999 gallons of water is only 1 tenth of a cubic mile of water. I think you're off a bit.

    Wesley MooreWesley Moore8 dagar sedan
  • Wanna be friends

    Hassanmj ShantoHassanmj Shanto8 dagar sedan
  • If we are in a simulation im glad gray didn't create it

    KortenueGamingKortenueGaming8 dagar sedan
  • 12:43 the rings turn into a fricking treble cleff

    Tripp, lord of inconvenienceTripp, lord of inconvenience8 dagar sedan
  • The Thumbnail Is Fake, Don't You Watch Vsauce, The Sun Will Burn Even More *_the sun was a paid actor_*

    Falcon GamingFalcon Gaming8 dagar sedan
    • @Alex Jacobs :D

      Falcon GamingFalcon Gaming7 dagar sedan
    • xD thats funny! xD btw i havent gotten a reply this early after posting a comment, so you are lucky i responded :3

      Alex JacobsAlex Jacobs7 dagar sedan
  • Gray why u bully the Bahamas what we do to u

    Wayne wilsonWayne wilson8 dagar sedan
  • pog

    Something strangeSomething strange8 dagar sedan
  • The ad I got was for water. That stuff scares me now

    Random ReviewsRandom Reviews8 dagar sedan
  • I wander if Gray could Like Cool Down The Milky Way Its Science

    Scarydave 724Scarydave 7248 dagar sedan
  • when you gave jupiter the rings it went super sayan

    DIO brandoDIO brando8 dagar sedan
  • “People can have **x under any circumstance, cmon get the population up there!!” Me: . . . A H . . . G O O D B Y E G O O D M E N T A L T H O U G H T S . . .

    ꧁ 『Pastelic Starz』꧂꧁ 『Pastelic Starz』꧂8 dagar sedan
  • I was gonna say "just say 1 billion" but 999,999,999 sounds way better

    Dakoda FisherDakoda Fisher8 dagar sedan
  • "the water hasn't evaporated, it's plasma but still" It has more than evaporated, it's damn ionised.

    Joshua SkipperJoshua Skipper9 dagar sedan
  • Who likes Pluto even if it’s a dwarf planet I love it

    Gurshawn DhaliwalGurshawn Dhaliwal9 dagar sedan
  • sometimes he sounds like KeiserNeko

    MpegAraMpegAra9 dagar sedan
  • Am pretty sure all that water would evaporate even 1000 kilometers away from the sun

    Zack RanceZack Rance9 dagar sedan
  • is this a game? how can i go on this model and play it? is there a link anywhere

    Quan NguyenQuan Nguyen9 dagar sedan
  • universe sandbox squared is a good simulation

    doot dagamedoot dagame9 dagar sedan