i became a housewife that should be in prison

4 aug 2020
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i became a housewife that should be in prison
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The Call of Karen is a PC simulation comedy game about a 1950s suburban housewife whose home is being invaded by Cthulhu. Keep up appearances in the face of an unhappy marriage, ungrateful child, and eldritch madness!

  • I feel like if you made a game this is exactly what it would be like LoL 🤣😂

    Suora the bestSuora the bestTimme sedan
  • 3:43 I laughed so hard I spilled my soup. Thus is the 3rd time I’m watching this. And I still spilled my soup lmao

    IcoNIcoNTimme sedan
  • 3:23 me eating dinner no joking XD:

    Purple RandomPurple Random3 timmar sedan
  • Every time you make a joke about drugs its very obvious you've never even seen drugs irl lol

    Seiko ShinoharaSeiko Shinohara11 timmar sedan
  • That host was funny.

    Hailey RobertsHailey Roberts12 timmar sedan
  • How much do u bet that Francis was born due to an alcoholic substance

    Grac3e StranqeGrac3e Stranqe14 timmar sedan
  • I mega vacuum/mega gun. This is the most Florida man thing I have ever seen.

    SuperD3clan _SuperD3clan _14 timmar sedan
  • This is my morning routine

    Nina IsmailNina Ismail23 timmar sedan
  • You can’t look at mirrors and windows, or any reflective objects. You have to stay in total darkness, as lightbulbs are reflective. But the most IMPORTANT RULE, DON’T LET THE OCTOPUS INTO YOUR HOME!

    OneFloofiBoiOneFloofiBoi23 timmar sedan
  • Nobody: Sizzling: *intensifies*

    Carter HemingsCarter HemingsDag sedan
  • XD what the hell

    Brayin CaleBrayin Cale2 dagar sedan

    kayden lisbergkayden lisberg2 dagar sedan
  • you have over f*dolphin sounds* 1 million gallons of salt!!!

    Kids BarrettKids Barrett2 dagar sedan
  • Cathulu: IM GONNA DESTROY YOU'RE ENTIRE UNIVERSE *comes out I'm grumbles* Grey: Aye dont talk back to me Also grey not even 30 seconds later: you like meatloaf?

    S T Ø R MS T Ø R M2 dagar sedan
  • All I can say is LMFAO

    GavinopsGavinops2 dagar sedan
  • I miss these kinds of Games

    Petrichor WeatherPetrichor Weather2 dagar sedan
  • Just calling eggs bastards 4 real😂😂😂😂

    Small NuggetSmall Nugget2 dagar sedan
  • You masochistic monster

    Game PlayGame Play2 dagar sedan
  • The fact that I started this video at the time of 3:33 and that there are 3.3k comments I already know this is going to be great

    CKstuberCKstuber2 dagar sedan
  • I can still hear "It's The sims 4" in my head 🤣

    Katirina SenpaizinhaKatirina Senpaizinha3 dagar sedan
  • This is so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Cameron BoldingCameron Bolding3 dagar sedan
  • Remember the demon baby

    General GreviousGeneral Grevious3 dagar sedan
  • "Does Kathulu actually eat eggs?" Me:I'm scared

    ꧁Eggs Benedict and Captain Sardine꧂꧁Eggs Benedict and Captain Sardine꧂3 dagar sedan
  • *sizzling intensifies*

    MRA3chargerMRA3charger3 dagar sedan
  • The first minute killed me with humour

    Theodore RutherfordTheodore Rutherford3 dagar sedan
  • I thought he was joking when he said chuthulu

    DANTANA 214DANTANA 2143 dagar sedan
  • 6:35 hmmm who instead of 450 for 10 second why not 4500 for 1 second

    mr. jollymr. jolly3 dagar sedan
  • This video is funny, really funny!

    Wolves!!!! DRAGONS!!!!Wolves!!!! DRAGONS!!!!3 dagar sedan
  • L

    Dantiel82Dantiel823 dagar sedan

    t r a s h y c o n t En tt r a s h y c o n t En t4 dagar sedan
  • When you said "mMmMm demonic meat loaf" it just reminded me of Homer simpsons

    D.B. AftonD.B. Afton4 dagar sedan
  • This game reminds me of Hello Neighbor

    D.B. AftonD.B. Afton4 dagar sedan
  • Lol...

    Kayla JohnsonKayla Johnson4 dagar sedan
  • what the f*dolphin sounds*

    Kids BarrettKids Barrett4 dagar sedan
  • XD

    Kids BarrettKids Barrett4 dagar sedan
  • and then the bombs drop while cooking! oh and your son gets stolen while ur all crisp and cold in the science freezer

    craig boonecraig boone4 dagar sedan
  • kirumi tojo really snapped here...

    selfie dogselfie dog4 dagar sedan
  • thanks for the cooking lesson ima try all ur tips! lol

    Moon RandomMoon Random5 dagar sedan
  • Bless the vacuum😂🤣

    Black MiddowBlack Middow5 dagar sedan
  • aaaaaaaaaaaahaha

    Alyssa BurgherAlyssa Burgher5 dagar sedan
  • mame more

    Your local annoyanceYour local annoyance5 dagar sedan
  • If you can't fit the child in, cook it in parts. You can also use different seasonings, like bud light and crystal meth

    Orca AnimationsOrca Animations5 dagar sedan
  • Gray: I swear (I forgot it) I'm gonna be pissed The fork: NOPE * Flys off the table *

    FNAF Fan and Mha fan Btw Lee this is RoseFNAF Fan and Mha fan Btw Lee this is Rose5 dagar sedan
  • Grace still plays I love your videos

    Desiree DDesiree D5 dagar sedan
  • My favorite part was in the begging when he opened the stove and said, “uh...yeah you can probably fit a child in there”

    ꧁Diy Gacha꧂꧁Diy Gacha꧂5 dagar sedan
  • I’m laughing so hard, I can’t breathe!!! Every time I calm down, something happens or he says something and I die laughing!!! 😂😂🤣😅💀

    Gacha YinaGacha Yina5 dagar sedan
  • Little sound while CRAZY stuff happening: This is Normal. Me thinking about if they call a crazy thing normal what they call crazy: *Oh no, Oh no, oh no no no no no....*

    Wolfie Iz GamingWolfie Iz Gaming5 dagar sedan
  • who is cthulhu?

    Silas WardSilas Ward5 dagar sedan
  • The first part of it happened but Francis didn't say anything I just wanted to be funny

    ReanchiReanchi5 dagar sedan
  • You. Come on honey come down here and want to see if you're Sharp. Francis. Not now Mom I don't wanna and then you barge into her room and say you're grounded for a month

    ReanchiReanchi5 dagar sedan
  • bacon and eggs flies out of the fridge me: AW YEAH ITS LIKE EVERY OTHER WEEKEND NIGHT

    Nayely VelazquezNayely Velazquez6 dagar sedan
  • Gray getting scared of the possessed meatloaf be like; Gray: Honey what’s for dinner? Wife: *puts meatloaf on dinner table* Gray: *remembers the possessed meatloaf* AAH! AAH! GET AWAY... GET AWAY FROM ME! 😨 Wife: Huh? Honey what are you talking abou... Oh, yeah, you played another crazy game. Should’ve seen that one coming.

    Nilsu DemirtashNilsu Demirtash6 dagar sedan
  • what the why all is flying xD

    SCP GAMER PLSCP GAMER PL6 dagar sedan
  • i hate it when gray ends the video i always want more madness from him

    HD105HD1056 dagar sedan
  • “Look at all the salt!!” I watched this like secen like 5 time!! xD

    XxLady__ LavenderxXXxLady__ LavenderxX6 dagar sedan
    • Well... catulue ecto plasmic Werner juice is all over the ceiling!! Is he not house trained?!

      XxLady__ LavenderxXXxLady__ LavenderxX5 dagar sedan
  • Lol

    Nicholas MartinNicholas Martin6 dagar sedan
  • Fun fact

    Josef PazJosef Paz7 dagar sedan
  • He got the dark matter skin for the couch

    lil kiwilil kiwi7 dagar sedan
  • Im sick, its 1:02 am, and i have a migraine. *I CANT STOP LAUGHING THO*

    •Natty Cat••Natty Cat•7 dagar sedan
  • Gray: And im very satysfied with it Me: OHHHHHHHHHH I WANNA DIE YOU BISH

    SamayatheGryffindorSamayatheGryffindor7 dagar sedan
  • Someday I want to see Francis floating around with the breakfast and still being a jerk 🤣🤣🤣

    kourtnyhkourtnyh7 dagar sedan

    jenna kingsjenna kings7 dagar sedan
  • I peed

    Chris SebastianChris Sebastian7 dagar sedan
  • Gray:hmmmm yea looks like a baby can fit in there me: wait is he thinking of making a baby cake which is the main ingredient is baby????Fine for me

    Rikie Jhon Mark OriasRikie Jhon Mark Orias8 dagar sedan
  • Yes a SEworld that feels the same as i do

    Steve HernandezSteve Hernandez8 dagar sedan
  • So this is what it’s like to be a mother

    illLotusillLotus8 dagar sedan
  • Why do I keep re-watching this-

    MidnightFoxPawMidnightFoxPaw8 dagar sedan
  • This is soo funny.... But I’m secretly watching this at 3am, without my parents knowing, and I’m trying so hard not to laugh. I am amused easily as well so that doesn’t help

    Bella- GachaBella- Gacha9 dagar sedan
  • Why would you make a video about a housewife's *NORMAL* life like it's, oh I don't know, hehe, DEMONIC?? I *doubt* that there is anything to do with dark lords wanting to steal your soul! You all agree, right?

  • Am I the only one scrolling through the comments to see if their are any Karen's that say "We dont act like that"

    Panda -WooPanda -Woo9 dagar sedan
  • Jesus do you ever shut up

    It's SkittlesIt's Skittles9 dagar sedan
  • does anyone know the song gray used when he opened the closet full of holy water salt and garlic

    Giovegas702 -Giovegas702 -9 dagar sedan
  • Radio: “don’t let the octopus into your house!” Gray: *whEEEEZEE*

    2 epic Gamers2 epic Gamers10 dagar sedan
  • Your skin isn’t paper. Don’t cut it You are not a book. Don’t judge yourself You are not a movie. Don’t end it You are you. Everyone is beautiful in every way So...... Go and spread this message to the other 99% percent Be safe❤️

    Heather MHeather M10 dagar sedan
  • I laughed for 15 minutes straight from this video

    txq pumpkintxq pumpkin10 dagar sedan
  • * hears the radio host talk about eldritch demons * alastor? That you?

    Daimen BlakeDaimen Blake11 dagar sedan
  • Thank you now i know how to cook 😌

    Mika KiMika Ki11 dagar sedan
  • I've very recently found Gray, but I'm starting to figure out his basic formula for the beginning of the video Here's what I've got so far Tell me if I got anything wrong "Alright, so we're checking out the only game where you can *insert thing that is morbid and may-may not be done in this video*, It's *insert game title*." *Shows a bit of the game* "*Insert game title* is a game *pause* where you can *insert things you're supposed to do in the game*. But we're not gonna do that, because that's not what we do here." *video*

    Briar KerboBriar Kerbo11 dagar sedan
  • Idk it might be me I think he has def done drugs

    Rhonan GeraciRhonan Geraci11 dagar sedan
  • Makers of game “ We need a name for this book “ Random person “ We could name it Definitely a book “ Makers of game “ GREAT IDEA YOU GET A RAISE “ Random person “ I was joking “

    Gacha life LoversGacha life Lovers11 dagar sedan
  • 6:02 probably just an scp they haven't contained yet

    OR starOR star12 dagar sedan
  • "And thus, Karen vacuumed out the souls of both her husband and child and lived a fantastic life!" *Sucking noises intensify* I hate that I wrote that.

    MindsandMirrorsMindsandMirrors12 dagar sedan
  • “A. Wrighter” has to be the best author name in a game I have ever seen.

    hunter watkinshunter watkins12 dagar sedan
  • The first time I watched this video I died laughing.

    Brayden OcelloBrayden Ocello12 dagar sedan
  • 1:28 whats that metal music I need to know

    DoomGuyDoomGuy12 dagar sedan
  • BTW ur voice sounds like family guy lol

    Alanna PAlanna P12 dagar sedan
  • Gray: “I’m suckin up aaallll ur Cthulhu juice” Also gray: that sounded rlly wrong”

    Tori SmithTori Smith13 dagar sedan
  • Nobody: Not even Kethooloo: Gray: YOU STAY ON THAT PAN OR I WILL BEAT YOUR EGG ASS Me: ~Bursts into giggling~ Mom: WHAT IS GOING ON HERE Me watching Gray make breakfast: BEKFAST

    EmeraldLilyEmeraldLily13 dagar sedan
  • When he said "this game has amazing physics" i got an add that said "duh"

    Yellow BebobabaYellow Bebobaba13 dagar sedan
  • "What’s a good Christian woman like you you doing out of the kitchen and on America’s airwaves?!" I say that to all the women.

    DavethDaveth13 dagar sedan
  • Omg the *What did he do wipe his ass on my carpet* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Yert SavidYert Savid14 dagar sedan
  • That’s how I salt and pepper my food

    TheKing8124TheKing812414 dagar sedan
  • bro i just started waching you yester day and i love your vids

    Isauro TorresIsauro Torres14 dagar sedan
  • Cthulhu has awaken and is hungry! I'll make him eggs and bacon.

    Lassi NissinenLassi Nissinen14 dagar sedan
  • All the tasks are completed and the crewmates win😂

    Toxic LoveToxic Love14 dagar sedan
  • Loved the They Live Reference

    Jonathan DelphiaJonathan Delphia14 dagar sedan
  • The only thing scarier than elder gods is misogyny

    Hillary the mclamb DespisitoHillary the mclamb Despisito14 dagar sedan
  • I bet death is waiting at the front door

  • They are not meat loaves they are bricks

    Tane OdineTane Odine15 dagar sedan
  • Hello little spider meatloaf location device. 12:12

    tonya vavrecantonya vavrecan15 dagar sedan