i built a 1000 mile long basement

19 aug 2020
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i built a 1000 mile long basement
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imagine self isolation in a basement
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  • Idk just Florida glitch Or Florida mole

    Confused PersonConfused Person14 timmar sedan
  • how do you get infinite money

    Mr. ChariotMr. Chariot15 timmar sedan
  • Floridaman vented vote him

    Dontavious PorterDontavious Porter15 timmar sedan
  • The flippant tv topologically bake because deal hooghly tame round a gifted halibut. zonked, lopsided floor

    Acker SotomayorAcker SotomayorDag sedan
  • this is why Florida man must remain overweight, buff Florida man's power knows no bounds. The world will be destroyed if buff Florida man escapes from gray's trap.

    Random GuyRandom GuyDag sedan
  • is it jus me or does he sound like garfield

    emma russemma russDag sedan
  • i have an idea first go up 1000 miles then down 2000 miles

    wit wunszwit wunszDag sedan
  • backrooms floor 2 be like

    SpiceSpice2 dagar sedan
  • saw the long ass hallway and decided it would be a great idea to torture myself with my fear of long hallways

    doge wowdoge wow2 dagar sedan
  • Gray is such a random person. He puts mini pools inside or HELL. Bruh-

    Nicola ZarzyckaNicola Zarzycka2 dagar sedan
  • "Stairway to Hell"? i prefer a stairway to hell much more than a stairway to gray :D

    Saihs BaxtonSaihs Baxton3 dagar sedan
  • It should be Cheeses Rice

    starry nightstarry night3 dagar sedan
  • gray: this is going to be a glitchfest 3 minutes later FLORIDA MAN TELEPORTING INTO EVERY POOL AND ANOTHER PERSON EVAPORATING IN A POOL I'm laughing xd

    Shadow Of WolfShadow Of Wolf3 dagar sedan
  • Peasus:bonfire lit

    I'm tired asf rnI'm tired asf rn3 dagar sedan
  • This is what WCKD did with the Maze

    Adji Kuncoro BhangunAdji Kuncoro Bhangun3 dagar sedan
  • what

    Otto van DalsenOtto van Dalsen3 dagar sedan
  • Florida man abouta hop out the vent

    94%shamlol cobra94%shamlol cobra3 dagar sedan
  • florida man is ascended

    somesmolbeansomesmolbean3 dagar sedan
  • #GreySaysFullLiquorBar

    FrostyAnimations126FrostyAnimations1264 dagar sedan
  • here's your name gray Florida murderer

    Emma ShawleyEmma Shawley4 dagar sedan
  • 1:13 Uhhhh. Hold on there Gray. There are *three* survivors at least. One human, and Spleens and Tonsils. And of course, any of Spleens’ kittens. 3:45 - 3:48 Gray, you’ve done an episode based around fire. Are you sure they can’t set a cooler on fire? 10:38 Underwater water networks, huh?

    Matticus MadnessMatticus Madness4 dagar sedan

    BlackBlack4 dagar sedan
  • Seems oddly right, I can see the headlines "Florida Man claims to learning the secret of teleportation, by pool hopping" the most Florida Man kind of thing to happen in all its glorious weirdness!

    Star GazerStar Gazer5 dagar sedan
  • 10:33 Venters in among us be like

    Dogw53_YTDogw53_YT5 dagar sedan
  • gray, what have you done. you made me exercise.

    Florida ManFlorida Man5 dagar sedan
  • 8:35 is that Johnny Depp? XD

    John SmithJohn Smith5 dagar sedan
  • e

    DeeglDublGDeeglDublG5 dagar sedan
  • Who wants to give florida man's stand a name?

    Gerweenah De LeonGerweenah De Leon5 dagar sedan
  • I want this challenge to be real including the pools. maybe there would be an extra level in between all of the other ones where emergency people can drop from the ceiling and save you if you're dying.

    Vengeful PolititronVengeful Polititron6 dagar sedan
  • Hey, her calculations paid out in the end 🤣🤣🤣

    Gary4 DLCGary4 DLC6 dagar sedan
  • the real question is, why is there an alarm clock noise in all of your vids

    yeagerkidyeagerkid6 dagar sedan
  • man this episode made me laugh so freaking hard

    The mighty BuegelerThe mighty Buegeler7 dagar sedan
  • Florida man is filled with DETERMANATION

    Kween Of CorgisKween Of Corgis7 dagar sedan
  • floda man gost should win

    ly oply op7 dagar sedan
  • unkillable florida man

    BrycenplaysBrycenplays8 dagar sedan
  • Yyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss Graystills

    Kaila BrandKaila Brand8 dagar sedan
  • I got scared cause you didn't say full liquor bar for 5 minutes-

    DoctorDuaLDoctorDuaL8 dagar sedan
  • Full liquor BAR

    dangerdoodledangerdoodle8 dagar sedan
  • I just got to be able to comment

    Joe Hay let me put numbersJoe Hay let me put numbers9 dagar sedan
  • Yo I've been watching since u started the channel

    Joe Hay let me put numbersJoe Hay let me put numbers9 dagar sedan
  • Scared Sim: "how to survive a GreyStillPlays vid, Google?" Google: Google: ... Google: ......................................................... Google: *THERE IS NO WAY*

    StarlitNightStarlitNight9 dagar sedan
  • 13:41 MOOD

    Hisoka 28Hisoka 289 dagar sedan
  • I'm a goth practicing witch and SEworld is like hmm possibly they would like a guy torturing his sims

    Ruth Schober-LevineRuth Schober-Levine10 dagar sedan
  • Hey grayStillPlays maybe you should make one extra seem to take care of your cats I might be a killer but I still love cats find someone to take care of your goddamn cats

    Sans killer tale Official KILLERSans killer tale Official KILLER10 dagar sedan
    • You know what now I’m thinking about it why don’t you make yourself take care of the cats like make yourself like another Sim OK

      Sans killer tale Official KILLERSans killer tale Official KILLER10 dagar sedan
  • Florida Man is venting, vote him out.

    Krzysztof KrólKrzysztof Król10 dagar sedan
  • I will always remember jimmy mumps

    an idiotan idiot10 dagar sedan
  • He forgot at the end Florida man splitting his mortal body

    Wierd _PersonWierd _Person10 dagar sedan
  • Erewin prise: *Randomly appears in the game* Me: That’s just a theory a game theory!

    Wookiee WarriorWookiee Warrior11 dagar sedan
  • 6:36 mmmmm watery paaiinnn

    Zack RosarioZack Rosario11 dagar sedan
  • 10:23 Florida man has ascended to a higher being

  • I can walk 500 miles and I can walk 500 more just to be the sim who walked 1000 miles and fall down at the last door... 🎵🎶

    Ruby TodorovaRuby Todorova12 dagar sedan
  • Florida man: Disobeys the laws of science space and physic Me: It's time he learn the gravity of his situation

    Crusader No. 501Crusader No. 50112 dagar sedan
  • Erwin=Erwin Smith. Like if agree

    Phantom GatoPhantom Gato12 dagar sedan
  • People using the death penalty when all you need is a basement that takes longer to get through than you live to get through

    Herbert ShnerbertHerbert Shnerbert13 dagar sedan
  • floridaman beats the backrooms...

    More PowerstrokeMore Powerstroke13 dagar sedan
  • Fun Fact: Who can survive the walk? Not me

    ItsFishiesItsFishies13 dagar sedan
  • now hes so fit and your sims learned to teleport /swim in the floor /vanish

    小白羊小白羊14 dagar sedan
  • Florida man is hacking

    Elsa WestbergElsa Westberg14 dagar sedan
  • Spleens ♥️

    The Doom SnakeThe Doom Snake15 dagar sedan
  • florida man never obayed the law of space time and physics because HE IS FLORIDA MAN AUSTRAILIAN MAN IS JUST A HUMAN TORCH

    ζ rockstar bonnie ζζ rockstar bonnie ζ15 dagar sedan
  • If a sim survives 3 consecutive Grey lets plays they should be permanently inducted into the man family

    Randy YoungbloodRandy Youngblood15 dagar sedan
  • Pls more sims 4

    AbigailLeeAbigailLee16 dagar sedan
  • 10:21 i saw florida man vented

    DaesarulPlaysDaesarulPlays16 dagar sedan
  • 3:46 the sims be like: is that a challenge

    NotBotNotBot17 dagar sedan
  • I just watch entire playlists he makes to get evil yet very amusing ideas for The Sims 4.

    { Stxrlight - Skies }{ Stxrlight - Skies }17 dagar sedan
  • Congrats on 4M! (4M.1

    PearlyPlayzPearlyPlayz17 dagar sedan
  • Imposters Venting b like: 10:22

    Gabriel Giles SolisGabriel Giles Solis17 dagar sedan
  • it is Wednesday my dudes 11:52

    Branden MillardBranden Millard17 dagar sedan
  • 9:29 Radioactive Spleens: There's nothing I love more than tunring into Dr. Manhattan 10:21 Whack-a-Florida Men 12:18 I think the drugs that she took and make her radioactive are now starting to weak her legs

    FuntimeDevil 666FuntimeDevil 66619 dagar sedan
  • Flordia Man timewarped

    LazeySnakey 616LazeySnakey 61620 dagar sedan
  • Collino looks like a deformed child 😭😭😭 CHILEEE DJDJDNDNNDNDNDNDNFNFHKGJ

    •ñëššä••ñëššä•20 dagar sedan
  • I'm so entertained. 🤣

    Katrina VillasotoKatrina Villasoto20 dagar sedan
  • i thouhgt when he put the "hot" decal on the wall i said to myself,hes gonna put that there to make the sims go faster for the thought of food at the end.

    Rilen Klingenber-KrizikRilen Klingenber-Krizik20 dagar sedan
  • as a floridian i feel it is my duty to inform you of how Florida Man has gained his godlike powers. you see, as long as we floridians are near a source of water we are able to temporarily trade in a good portion of our sanity for unimaginable strength, agility, and general ability to bend reality to our will. this is why florida is surounded by water, this is also why nearly every floridian is a gator rangling crackhead.

    sistersister20 dagar sedan
  • 10:00

    Aang the AvatarAang the Avatar20 dagar sedan
  • “If you want some food you can roast it on the burning embers of the damned” *yes. YES. B U R N.

    Aang the AvatarAang the Avatar20 dagar sedan
  • who like collino more . i mean that face

    batboy iscoolbatboy iscool20 dagar sedan
  • nice fllorida man is in every video well not every video

    Character *X*Character *X*21 dag sedan
  • U should done 100 people to ur challenge

    Ana RodriguezAna Rodriguez21 dag sedan
  • Where the hell did he get all the stuff

    Nirlia OfficialNirlia Official21 dag sedan
    • like what? there's so many packs and expansions

      CocoabenCocoaben21 dag sedan
  • 2020: What’s up guys we are playing the only game where you can kill the entire earth with a bat. It’s 2020. More bats dammit!

    Cool Cartoons.Cool Cartoons.22 dagar sedan
  • peasus + fioradaman = erwin

    Ashley M SonneveldAshley M Sonneveld22 dagar sedan
  • dimensional warp/dimensional dissonance

    David AlvaroDavid Alvaro22 dagar sedan
  • Colono.exe has stopped working 6:27

    TheRealityHutTheRealityHut23 dagar sedan

    ciphersalmciphersalm24 dagar sedan
  • Should’ve been highway to hell

    It's FiaIt's Fia24 dagar sedan
  • me: what are we gonna have for Dinner? mother: Some florida man ass.

    Alexandru JuravleAlexandru Juravle24 dagar sedan
  • rip florida mans gut it will be missed

    DatLonelyGirl TaylorDatLonelyGirl Taylor24 dagar sedan
  • Colono is my favorite

    Deej LDeej L25 dagar sedan
  • We need a video of starving Sims eating each other 😋

    Volker RachoVolker Racho25 dagar sedan
  • Erwin Pries is Florida Man's illegitimate son during one of his many one-night stands with random women. Erwin just wants to meet his father so he is following him into this basement. I'm sure he regrets his decision XD

    NycotNycot25 dagar sedan
  • I’m surprised you still play Sims, it’s pretty boring for me.

    HiHi26 dagar sedan
  • I guess Florida Man just couldn't tell he was dead since he was already in hell

    Spiral CatSpiral Cat27 dagar sedan
  • I love this where he just completely doesn't care about his Sims anymore he just bring some through torture constantly and where he just plays random games as well bringing torture through them

    Kayla DreamerKayla Dreamer27 dagar sedan
  • coochie man

    T0X1C V1B3ZT0X1C V1B3Z27 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for posting you allways make my day🤗

    JiminthegodessJiminthegodess27 dagar sedan
  • This sim video series should be called GREY DAY

    Remy MRemy M27 dagar sedan
  • I love how I don't even play Sims but I still watch this LOL

    AJAJ27 dagar sedan
  • Florida man is too powerful he can teleport,change form and walk on water

    Jangmo oJangmo o28 dagar sedan
  • cool

    Jangmo oJangmo o28 dagar sedan