When a cold sun meets a hot sun

12 okt 2020
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When a cold sun meets a hot sun
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it's like freezing in florida
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  • Pls play kss

    Deepak BeckDeepak Beck3 timmar sedan
  • Gray sees the COVID-19 kills ROKIE NUMBERS

    Andrew SchlossbergAndrew Schlossberg12 timmar sedan
  • you made methane worlds the polar opposite of how we survive instead of liquid water theirs liquid methane because its so cold. it is possible organisms could survive as we did in water millions of years ago

    Peculier SunRisePeculier SunRise23 timmar sedan
  • So, I may be going out of my head with this, but the "ocean" you see, Gray, is actually its atmosphere in liquid form.

    Samuel StalinSamuel StalinDag sedan
  • Venus has Kidneys

    Universe SandboxUniverse Sandbox2 dagar sedan

    Bence NagyBence Nagy2 dagar sedan
  • Sun is going to get destroyed

    Landon LarsenLandon Larsen2 dagar sedan
  • 7:26 there is also some leakage from Uranus

    Nuahs TNuahs T2 dagar sedan
  • When he said "hey google" it actually activated my Google thingy

    Reap420HMReap420HM2 dagar sedan
  • These videos are so entertaining lmao

    M3llowM3llow2 dagar sedan
  • “This is like the 70 people who live in the -400 degree weather. They don’t have kidney stones. *They just Piss Icicles”*

    SkiinkS WaySSkiinkS WayS3 dagar sedan
  • "There's also some leakage coming out from the side of Uranus" Wh- what was that?

    Brian ColemanBrian Coleman3 dagar sedan
  • "they froze her to the core"

    A WrechA Wrech3 dagar sedan
  • Grey, Two Suns Are Always The Same Distance Apart From Each other. Grey- Let’s See What We Can Do About That

    Frost CateFrost Cate3 dagar sedan
  • Actually venus should be called “earths burning sister “ or “earths freezing sister”

    Svetlana KostioutchekSvetlana Kostioutchek3 dagar sedan
  • "and the other half if the sun" Hmmmm Earth

    JessetcJessetc3 dagar sedan
  • He is funny 😆

    Nicole BrodskyNicole Brodsky4 dagar sedan
  • blue star is hot 🥵 and red is cold 🥶 mirack coldest star in the milky way 🎆 rigel or orionis ß is the hottest star in the milky way 🎆 hot to cold star blue 🥵 light blue 😓 white 😥 light yellow 😰 yellow 🙂 yellow orange 🙃 orange 😰 red 🥶

    Sean Andrei Leone CastilloSean Andrei Leone Castillo4 dagar sedan
  • Karl probs hit zero and had nothing to hold itself together then the mass was absorbed by the sun

    Bob JhonBob Jhon4 dagar sedan
  • Gray: Its like a water world! Me:it randomly had been given islands

    Max StrongMax Strong4 dagar sedan
  • florida man becomes god

    DeeJay BundstDeeJay Bundst4 dagar sedan
  • When a wayward son meets a fortunate son

    Whofler DudeWhofler Dude4 dagar sedan
  • Stop giving 2020 ideas

    TopperTopper4 dagar sedan
  • Normal numbers? I say ROOKIE NUMBERS

    Emily CraneEmily Crane4 dagar sedan
    • Ah

      Emily CraneEmily Crane4 dagar sedan
  • Gray: like all stars super hot Me: The sun is the only star in our solar system

    Gunner CooperGunner Cooper4 dagar sedan
  • I would subscribe if you shown the title in start of video, but its so annoying to try find it in this long video. I see alot of youtubers put random crap and the title content of video somewhere in there. I just dont understand cause people would watch more if people go straight to the point.

    HolkenisTheShitHolkenisTheShit4 dagar sedan
  • 13:30

    HolkenisTheShitHolkenisTheShit4 dagar sedan
  • I wonder how many computers gray has brought???

    Henrique BusatoHenrique Busato5 dagar sedan
  • You should try SimplePlanes, The built in overload XML editor allows you to put in your trademark saying, “More zeros” Whether it be on the explosion scale in a cannon, or the maximum/minimum range on a missile, you can always say, “how many zeros? Yes.” In the XML editor.

    Koopa TroopaKoopa Troopa5 dagar sedan
  • I just figured out why Google screams at me in the middle of my sleep sometimes!!! She's responding when @GrayStillPlays says "Hey Google" and asks a question, and then she rambles on and on eternally at max volume, just like she does for him. She scared me awake and I was too confused to understand what was happening, so I just started yelling "Stop! Stop! Stop!" 😭

    ArchangelArchangel5 dagar sedan
  • Uranus is covered in moss. Graystillplays. 2020

    sourena Yazdanisourena Yazdani5 dagar sedan
  • There is some leakage coming from the side of uranus

    Rogan KohleRogan Kohle5 dagar sedan
  • THE Sun Is A DeaadLY LasEr

    flowey the sad flowey [:3]flowey the sad flowey [:3]5 dagar sedan
  • Most solar systems actually have two or more stars- (suns)

    Idklol HahaIdklol Haha5 dagar sedan
  • your videos make me do an epic 360 funny.

    steamsteam5 dagar sedan
  • "Australia are you ok?" "Australia.. no..." New Zealanders: *_B O I_*

    A cyan named KitKatA cyan named KitKat5 dagar sedan
  • 6:52 It's subnautica. Don't ask questions grey. The reaper laviathins are saying hi.

    the nerf nerdthe nerf nerd5 dagar sedan
  • Thought I would never hear this before but the sun looks like it’s suffocating

    Garry HarveyIIIGarry HarveyIII5 dagar sedan
  • *Saturn just flipping turned into a wood, resin hybrid thing that most wood carvers made*

    Meme ShortiMeme Shorti5 dagar sedan
  • Congratulations Gray, you killed my family I’m in Belize and there in Sydney /: thx

    RIO STOREYRIO STOREY5 dagar sedan
  • Gray still plays 2020: "Ill give you guys the D.."

    Under RexUnder Rex6 dagar sedan
  • White star: Hottest point Dark red: Coolest point Don’t believe me? Look at a flame.

    Fresh Birb AlternativeFresh Birb Alternative6 dagar sedan
  • My dad asking me what word rhymes with venus. My mind: p**is rhymes with venus

    Rashed AlmutairiRashed Almutairi6 dagar sedan
  • bassicly *S U P E R N O V A*

    E y e p a t c h.E y e p a t c h.6 dagar sedan
  • We need a sideways 8 man

    giordano urreagiordano urrea6 dagar sedan

  • the sound when you put this on 2 times speed is just amazing

    mioara dogarumioara dogaru6 dagar sedan
  • 1:16 "This is Florida. A place where we're all very good at drinking beer retiring and getting cancer"

    owow bruhowow bruh7 dagar sedan
  • Me looking at the title of this video: *SUDDENLY THEY WERE FUSING-*

    Lillian BassoLillian Basso7 dagar sedan
  • Would be interesting to see black hole vs Karl lol

    tohka blobtohka blob7 dagar sedan
  • 100k likes echols 100k for grayer

    Bryce DeasonBryce Deason8 dagar sedan
  • I just woke up and when he zoomed in on the sun I was blinded

    BrikinsBrikins8 dagar sedan
  • how are you so smart but you still do bad at your science? answer: universe sandbox

    deathman 821deathman 8218 dagar sedan
  • And now at 11:40 we are passing by Planet-Todoroki 001

    Elms FiguraElms Figura8 dagar sedan
  • Man grey would Stop global warming somehow and yet this is the most genuinely confuseing way ever he did it

    Intro TempIntro Temp8 dagar sedan
  • “There’s also some leakage coming out of Uranus” - gray still plays 2020

    Adam ArneyAdam Arney8 dagar sedan
  • Y u turn earth into a earth astroid

    McrMaxMcrMax8 dagar sedan
  • More like The sun( Cold) And A blue sun(Hot) Meets eachother

    AdsHW12AdsHW129 dagar sedan
  • i didnt know shoto todoroki was a planet....

    Konrad BakkensenKonrad Bakkensen9 dagar sedan
  • “Ah, the sun has obtained a nice shade of hypothermia.”

    John KongJohn Kong9 dagar sedan
  • "The entire surface looks like gelatnis toxic waste"😂😂😂😊😐😑😬

    Landon HaynesLandon Haynes9 dagar sedan
  • I live in Britain and 3 degrees is a normal morning

    Vincent MolloyVincent Molloy9 dagar sedan
  • wait what- you just said at the beginning that "one half of the earth would be exposed to a hot sun, and the other half of the sun would be exposed to a cold sun". LIKE DUDE- XD

    Zereen BhuiyanZereen Bhuiyan9 dagar sedan
  • Venus sounds like p-

    Jeon JungkookJeon Jungkook10 dagar sedan
  • 13:26 epic anime battle

    Sonnie SantiagoSonnie Santiago10 dagar sedan
  • i love you gray

    Logan BrayLogan Bray10 dagar sedan
  • 1:27 im pretty sure hes just saying fancy words for "I'm gonna see what happens when I throw earth in a microwave"

    Jakob BrutcherJakob Brutcher10 dagar sedan
  • 4:16 hey earth u got 4,604,117 people on it (that’s my estimate on how much ppl r on it at 4:16

    AJ_ Bell2012AJ_ Bell201211 dagar sedan
  • "I made a planet that is just full of hawaiis" One of the most Iconic line I have heard

    IceNinja 1997IceNinja 199711 dagar sedan
  • Venus looks like the moon. 4:37

    alexandra brownalexandra brown11 dagar sedan
  • Me: can I have this This: likelihood of life Gray still plays: no Me: what about this This: population left Grey still plays: that is the same person Me: no it’s not Grey still plays: so I look stupid to you Me: kind of

    Blue StarBlue Star11 dagar sedan
  • The other half of the earth with ice and lava is iave

    sodalite 2020sodalite 202011 dagar sedan
  • The luminosity of the Sun is the energy produced in its core, the hotter the core the more energy produced. The hottest stars are blue while the coldest stars are red. When he said "cold sun" and it turned blue i cringed.

    Sweetkid980Sweetkid98011 dagar sedan
  • “Cold sun” Humans: they’re still hot

    Froostie TVFroostie TV11 dagar sedan
  • Conclusion: colonize Saturn

    likemicelikemice11 dagar sedan
  • "Deformed Chicken Nugget"

    Zachary MarshZachary Marsh11 dagar sedan
  • Uranus has turned into Jool

    your FBI agentyour FBI agent12 dagar sedan
  • Son: Hey daddy where do babies come from? Dad: Well you see when a cold sun meets a hot sun...

    Deer HeadDeer Head12 dagar sedan
  • The background music that starts at 9:31 made me sad cause it made me remember Unas Annus and they're gone...😢

    Emilio RosasEmilio Rosas12 dagar sedan
  • 14:00 a positive plus a negative always equals a negative

    beastgaming with BEASTKILLZbeastgaming with BEASTKILLZ12 dagar sedan
  • 2:21 FBI: *P e d o p h i l e .*

    NightmareNightmare12 dagar sedan
  • 0:14 to 0:18. When I quickly make a school presentation about the sun

    wacky brotherswacky brothers12 dagar sedan
  • The hot sun is actually the blue one.

    SillyBean268SillyBean26812 dagar sedan
  • Is that why you always talk about Florida in your solar smash videos and stuff like that cuz you live in Florida or South Florida

    Raynin McCoveyRaynin McCovey12 dagar sedan
  • Cold sun. Should be called nus nm because its sun backwards

    TheGamingAxolotl 123TheGamingAxolotl 12312 dagar sedan
  • just like us2, its impossible to live on saturn and jupiter. They are gas you would fall to the middle

    Cheesy MilkCheesy Milk13 dagar sedan
  • I guess you could say it's MASS-ive

    TSP2100TSP210013 dagar sedan
  • My Negative Sun turns purple, not blue

    SqueaksSqueaks13 dagar sedan
  • I know two SEworldrs from Florida. One has created an accepting environment for all people and has gained approximately 4 million subscribers (Thomas Sanders). And one has made a living by destroying and torturing all human life and has gained approximately 4 million subscribers (Gray). Oh, Florida, don't ever change.

    Briar KerboBriar Kerbo13 dagar sedan
  • Caption for the thumbnail: Parents are getting a divorce, send help

    C SwaarC Swaar13 dagar sedan
  • whats weird is the ice age that almost wiped out humans froze most of the planet except for the half of Africa the simulation showed didn't freeze.

    givemeanameman1givemeanameman113 dagar sedan
  • Uranus is a gas giant. How ironic

    KrazekrakenKrazekraken14 dagar sedan
  • The planet Neptune is made of mostly ice (I think)

    Aiden MortlockAiden Mortlock14 dagar sedan
  • He used my name

    Karl AðalsteinnKarl Aðalsteinn14 dagar sedan
  • neptone is a ice gas gient

    Samuel JohnsonSamuel Johnson15 dagar sedan
  • Karl from Mr Beast

    Michael BalianMichael Balian15 dagar sedan
  • grey fucked up the math. 0.000156% of 7.8bil is 12,168 people. definitely not more than a million

    zacharie slimosinezacharie slimosine15 dagar sedan
  • The earth is todoroki

    Plasma_ LuffyPlasma_ Luffy16 dagar sedan
  • I explane a blue fire blue fire is hotter than red and yellow fire

    War gamerWar gamer16 dagar sedan
  • Imagine waking up in the morning and you go outside to take a fresh air and hear “alright everyone...”

    Red ImposterRed Imposter16 dagar sedan