when every natural disaster hits simultaneously

1 sep 2020
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when every natural disaster hits simultaneously
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  • that's amazing you want to back home in you it was so awesome

    hael severine navarrohael severine navarroTimme sedan
  • 5:05 Josh let’s do it at night * building collapses* I was right 1+ rhyming point

    Aldrian PurgananAldrian Purganan5 timmar sedan
  • AC 1 30 from above

    Mike LuisMike Luis8 timmar sedan
  • This is god planing for 2021

    DeepbeatzDeepbeatz10 timmar sedan
  • Put the booms on the flying cars

    Kyle HaynesKyle Haynes10 timmar sedan
  • Gray: Downloads game the people in the city: Is that God? Gray: Destroys everything in sight The people in the city: *The Betrayed*

    Alberto Mata-PayerroAlberto Mata-Payerro16 timmar sedan
  • WHAT THE!?!?

    Douglas GutekunstDouglas Gutekunst19 timmar sedan
  • Alternate game title: 2020 Simulator

    August SauveyAugust Sauvey21 timme sedan
  • 13:06 2020’s final boss:

    August SauveyAugust Sauvey21 timme sedan
  • God planning 2021: 13:05

    First name101 Last name101First name101 Last name101Dag sedan
  • 4:20 “That Didn’t Do Anything!!!”-----“Ohhhhhhh You Get To HOLD IT DOWN”

    Cubing Games777Cubing Games777Dag sedan
  • *you come brazil*

  • What’s the app called lmao

    •Itzjustjacob••Itzjustjacob•2 dagar sedan
  • Yeetus diarrheus

    Crimson FallCrimson Fall2 dagar sedan
  • Gray, you are a very funny person

    Latasha LittleLatasha Little3 dagar sedan
  • Àaaaaaaaaaàaaaaaa

    Alison BrownAlison Brown3 dagar sedan
  • 3:06 pls thank me later

    Jasiah CrossJasiah Cross3 dagar sedan
  • i like you apocoliptic combos

    Kaaleo KeohokaloleKaaleo Keohokalole3 dagar sedan
  • Before I started watching grey I played this game on my little brothera phone, and used everything ant once I turned everything to dust but I was sad that it didn't Disinergrate 😭

    totally innocenttotally innocent4 dagar sedan
  • What is this game called

    John PaunilJohn Paunil4 dagar sedan
    • City smash

      Mr. Sloth manMr. Sloth man3 dagar sedan
  • Did you know if you put the ufo and hit it with roket or meteor,the ufo will broke i mean try it if you want

    Itsme_fawwazItsme_fawwaz4 dagar sedan
  • *_So this is how 2020 came to be_*

    Meme ShortiMeme Shorti4 dagar sedan
  • Oh yeah I have that

    Dbrxz _xxDbrxz _xx4 dagar sedan
  • stop giving 2020 ideas

    CryzaticCryzatic4 dagar sedan
  • Hey i found smothing

    Achbolor AyurzanaAchbolor Ayurzana5 dagar sedan
    • You can tleport alien ship

      Achbolor AyurzanaAchbolor Ayurzana5 dagar sedan
  • how do i get this game on windows

    xd_ deathwishxd_ deathwish5 dagar sedan
  • you thouens

    Dylann ReyesDylann Reyes5 dagar sedan
  • I just thought of something that would end humanity, what if Gray was able to control things like Minecraft and add like the stupidest (in a good way) things to Minecraft that would crash the game.

    Josh WilsonJosh Wilson5 dagar sedan
  • I died laughing at this video yet I managed to type this. "How" you ask? Well I just abducted some random dude's body and I'm using him to type this. Subscroob to GrayStillPlays who hasn't yet subbed to him.🤪

    4814394814395 dagar sedan
  • You can take out the ufo

    jameses797jameses7975 dagar sedan
  • 🌪

    Tyler MaurerTyler Maurer5 dagar sedan
  • I downloaded it and just realised that you can put a ufo and distory it with lightning

    Ellie'sGamingWorldEllie'sGamingWorld5 dagar sedan
  • 5:02 that is the most depressing “timberrrr” i have ever heard

    O super abacaxi AbacaxiO super abacaxi Abacaxi5 dagar sedan
  • 2:15 what's the song name?

    ThunderrosiesThunderrosies6 dagar sedan
  • U sound like troydan

    Jairo Baldwin main accountJairo Baldwin main account6 dagar sedan
  • 5:35 reminds me of Independence Day (the first movie)

    imawaffle1imawaffle16 dagar sedan
  • set the auto clicker to 0 mill secs

    Mayfield HanMayfield Han6 dagar sedan
  • you can destroy the UFO

    Orlando Enrique Soares CamposOrlando Enrique Soares Campos6 dagar sedan
  • 01:46 u could just pretend the rocket is a Shooting Stay

    Orlando Enrique Soares CamposOrlando Enrique Soares Campos7 dagar sedan
  • seworld.info/will/hIe83K-xqaODuYE/video

    Blazeboy728Blazeboy7287 dagar sedan
  • Graystillplays you know you can kill the UFO with a bomb

    Michael WeaverMichael Weaver7 dagar sedan
  • I think god farted to hard 6:32😂

    avocado buildsavocado builds8 dagar sedan
  • I died laughing while Gray said “when you destroy a city with a cat 10 hurricane “

    Gabe H.Gabe H.8 dagar sedan
  • Laugh so much because you're funny diarrhea alien thing and the disgusting part

    Gail BaskettGail Baskett8 dagar sedan
  • grey did you know you can summon a alien space ship and shoot it down with lighting

    crazyzombiesales deadmerchcrazyzombiesales deadmerch8 dagar sedan
  • theory:the laser weapon in city smash is the color orange in solar smash what weapon has the orange beam? hint:a alien satellite that can fire it

    Haji lungeHaji lunge8 dagar sedan
    • also the kraken is a reference to it too

      Haji lungeHaji lunge8 dagar sedan
    • oh and also in city smash the alien weapon has a lime green laser ball which is a reference to the alien weapon in solar smash

      Haji lungeHaji lunge8 dagar sedan
  • why does this make me think of the disasters in sim city

    ElybtwElybtw9 dagar sedan
  • I have that game!

    Deoxite YTDeoxite YT9 dagar sedan
  • TIMBEEEEEEEEEEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Autumn SeeleyAutumn Seeley9 dagar sedan
  • at 9:10 can someone tell me the name of that song

    Cole PlunkettCole Plunkett10 dagar sedan
  • Gamma Ray burst?????(DESROYS EARTH BECAUSE OF POWER its true)

    Autumn SeeleyAutumn Seeley10 dagar sedan
  • Also there is a magnet,portals,fire works,and wind!

    Shannon A. GreenShannon A. Green10 dagar sedan
  • Whyee cussing:0

    Mace mcyMace mcy11 dagar sedan
  • You can kill the ufo by a lightning bolt

    SansYTsubs ESansYTsubs E11 dagar sedan
  • When you did the lightning one I said and then along came Zeus

    christo reynachristo reyna11 dagar sedan
  • l am a fan of you

    Diego GuzmanariasDiego Guzmanarias11 dagar sedan
  • l have that game is funny

    Diego GuzmanariasDiego Guzmanarias11 dagar sedan
  • 8:24

    HypnoticLarry !HypnoticLarry !12 dagar sedan
  • gray using a string making da cat stuff toy move:I have decided suicide

    QwQQwQ12 dagar sedan
  • Black hole means hericane

    Jo JoJo Jo12 dagar sedan
  • 04:51 04:50

    Joe KupchinJoe Kupchin12 dagar sedan
  • ah yes...the doomsday meteorite...(imagine doomsday)

    Joe KupchinJoe Kupchin12 dagar sedan
  • LOL. nice vid

    SwatDaSkipperSwatDaSkipper12 dagar sedan
  • He got so happy he threw up fire all over the city :D

    DANE KIRBYDANE KIRBY12 dagar sedan
  • if you hit the ufo with a metheor it will break

    fullsfire gamingfullsfire gaming13 dagar sedan
  • It’s fun

    Sailor KeeseeSailor Keesee13 dagar sedan
  • I have this game on my phone right know

    Sailor KeeseeSailor Keesee13 dagar sedan
  • gray i just got that game city smash and though it lags so much my favrot disasters is the black hole and family dollar godzilla

    Rigel BowenRigel Bowen13 dagar sedan
  • Welcome to the Graystillplays version of *the day after tomorrow.*

    Claw v.s. DogeClaw v.s. Doge13 dagar sedan
  • why ur voice like Sketch / denis. Edit: U voice familiar dude

    PalHair YTPalHair YT13 dagar sedan
  • Today w e present: GrayStillPlays, the wrath of a god

    Mini Orange CrewmateMini Orange Crewmate13 dagar sedan
  • It was a 9.5 earthquake

    Gabriel HolsingerGabriel Holsinger13 dagar sedan
  • this video was so funny that i lAughthed so hard i was coughing so i paused the video to catch my breath

    Damian HarrisDamian Harris13 dagar sedan
  • They should've included the Death Star in this

    Razvan DobosRazvan Dobos13 dagar sedan
  • 10:39... Imagine driving by all these buildings and being like, "ohh look.. Christmas lig-" *BOOM*

    Brandon JonesBrandon Jones13 dagar sedan
  • 6:00 I couldn't stop laughing

    John SymeJohn Syme13 dagar sedan

    John SymeJohn Syme13 dagar sedan
  • Gray: **spawns tornado** Also Gray: it’s fine I don’t think it’ll do anything. The tornado: *YOU UNDERESTIMATE MY POWER*

    Giovanni RomanGiovanni Roman13 dagar sedan
  • Ggg

    Suri ElmiraSuri Elmira13 dagar sedan
  • i dead when he luanched the metreoride like a ball

    Shilpa HandeShilpa Hande13 dagar sedan
  • Wait I can't use these monsters in game

    Koe Koe the fire rodanKoe Koe the fire rodan13 dagar sedan
  • Gray: “How much power does a lightning strike have to have in mind rider to cut a building in half?” 1.21 gigawatts

    BuffGamer 101BuffGamer 10114 dagar sedan
    • Well thanks learned something new though I’m on my school break

      Starbucksss12Starbucksss1213 dagar sedan
  • The higher that you click in the screen the higher the taunami

    Tyler RuthTyler Ruth14 dagar sedan
    • Tsunami*

      Tyler RuthTyler Ruth14 dagar sedan
  • Hi Cthulhu I heard red is the imposter

    Hillary RamirezHillary Ramirez14 dagar sedan
  • 13:06 2020 in December and 2021

    Luigimario 2005Luigimario 200514 dagar sedan
  • 9:56 my pool after I tried an Indian vindalu for the first time

    Luigimario 2005Luigimario 200514 dagar sedan
  • 2:14 so this is how the world is going to end

    Krisztna FodorKrisztna Fodor14 dagar sedan
  • T

    Jubilee NgaauJubilee Ngaau15 dagar sedan
  • Someone guesses Me: guess this, it's available on play store It's city smash

    PayToUse [GD]PayToUse [GD]15 dagar sedan
  • Random guy whose entire city was destroyed right before his eyes by Gray: thank you Gray! Gray: *SHUT UP* haha missile go boom boom

    Giovanni RomanGiovanni Roman15 dagar sedan
  • You didn't die

    Veronica DouglasVeronica Douglas15 dagar sedan
  • No you didn't

    Veronica DouglasVeronica Douglas15 dagar sedan
  • You stash UFO and then use lightning to strike it

    franky Efranky E15 dagar sedan
  • those both games work wayyyy better on mobile

    gamernoob 9000gamernoob 900015 dagar sedan
  • you can destroy the ufo.

    Silens LukSilens Luk15 dagar sedan
  • You can destroy the UFO

    bacon yesbacon yes15 dagar sedan
  • Hi gray... put a portal on either side of the red bridge

    HarryPlaysHarryPlays15 dagar sedan
  • Grey: its like dyawne johnson throwing a ball to a pack of 8 yr kids

    Xeno NamekazeXeno Namekaze16 dagar sedan
  • Gray try to flatten out your city then angle the portals correctly and then shoot a Meteor through them correctly and the meteor should be going through the portals over and over and over for a little bit but it does work. I have tried it it really does work.

    Matthew ClarkMatthew Clark16 dagar sedan
  • What is that game ha?

    Akiyo Ichirou CarlosAkiyo Ichirou Carlos16 dagar sedan