when you stop the earth's rotation

9 sep 2020
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when you stop the earth's rotation
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positive infinity
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  • 3:33 When you tick off a black hole... Then the life likelihood is zero

    JayHeroProJayHeroProDag sedan
  • god do this to me everyday

    Ron GuindulmanRon Guindulman2 dagar sedan
  • Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

  • Education with Graystillplays -2020 desperation Today we learned!: Beautiful blue eyes = Deadly blue radiation

    Territory X DeathTerritory X Death4 dagar sedan
  • You know its crazy when it gets up to positive infinity.

    Gus the PranksterGus the Prankster4 dagar sedan
  • For minute 12 when you placed 2 Suns means never ever dark night, so nobody can sleep well, and lack of sleep can be deadly, so the rest humans suposedly died from this.

    StibiumowlStibiumowl6 dagar sedan
  • A defintition of a chaotic neutral

    Akie Boy GamingAkie Boy Gaming7 dagar sedan
  • 10:43 Pokémon ball

    Quin BrownQuin Brown8 dagar sedan
  • Video: Universe sandbox. What youtube thinks the game is: Solar Smash

    _Sniper__Sniper_8 dagar sedan
  • For some reason, I am laughing twice as hard as I ever have in my life! I might die.

    Daniel TumblestonDaniel Tumbleston9 dagar sedan
  • b.

    I am Imposter CheeseI am Imposter Cheese9 dagar sedan
  • 1:42 its a minions gollgle

    Cute BunnyCute Bunny11 dagar sedan
  • Well, on the bright side, there's a chance he created new species and evolutions to make people withstand the superhot and supercold temps.

    God's Amazing MessengerGod's Amazing Messenger11 dagar sedan
  • Before he even started torturing them the planet already looked more dead than usual.

    God's Amazing MessengerGod's Amazing Messenger11 dagar sedan
  • Make 100 stars collide

    Erin SeymourErin Seymour12 dagar sedan
  • Solid ice? that's a warm sunday for us new hampshirites.

    Raphael DaGamerRaphael DaGamer12 dagar sedan
  • if this happened wind currents would go insane trying to balance the heat between sides.

    Raphael DaGamerRaphael DaGamer12 dagar sedan
  • it tured in to a pokeball

    Kimberly WrightKimberly Wright13 dagar sedan
  • What if we just inside the simulation like this....

    Alexander SardiAlexander Sardi14 dagar sedan
  • This wouldn’t happen. If the earth stopped spinning, all of the tectonic plates and everything would float away into space

    Semicolon618 _Semicolon618 _14 dagar sedan
  • for a bit the earth looked like a pkeball

    Rebecca OlsonRebecca Olson15 dagar sedan
  • “Ahhh I hate this utopia” omg ppl trying to stop communism

    DersonDerson16 dagar sedan
  • 09:15 look at the colors in top right corner (epilepsy warning)

    Joe KupchinJoe Kupchin16 dagar sedan
  • the void eh? the void is a black hole so half of the earth is a black hole

    Joe KupchinJoe Kupchin16 dagar sedan
    • ?

  • When gray said “Jesus I tortured the earth so much it turned into a etch a sketch” THAT MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD THAT I FARTED LOL

    King’s GamingKing’s Gaming17 dagar sedan
  • This is LITERALLY THE ONLY TIME that gray tries to keep a little bit of life.

    Daniel MedinaDaniel Medina17 dagar sedan
  • Me: Gray what are you doing? Gray: Making Holy Earth. Me: How's that making Holy Earth. Gray: I'm boiling the Hell out of it.

    moira mckenziemoira mckenzie18 dagar sedan
  • Realize 70% of the earth surface is ocean. Now realize that those oceans cover the deepest valleys, tallest mountains and some of the most active volcanoes. Now, realize that if the water ever disappeared (and with it, the most common medium we move EVERYTHING), 70% of the surface is barren salt pan desert with massive peaks (relatively) and volcanically active valleys and chasms spewing sulfur and methane into the air. That's what he's exposing humanity to.🤣🤪🤪

    Alejandro BoteroAlejandro Botero19 dagar sedan
  • 0:21 I love how the earth is 99.8% similar to earth

    Brody DavisBrody Davis19 dagar sedan
  • He turned earth into a sun and the sun into a black hole and 0.0002 of the population is still alive

    Loony RiddlesLoony Riddles19 dagar sedan
  • If the oceans freezed over, we could walk and drive to continents! ( *_north america - europe_* )

    noob is same pronoob is same pro19 dagar sedan
  • I wonder how nice the middle of the hotness and coldness is

    HershyHershy19 dagar sedan
  • would you rather die or be in a graystillplays episode

    Gavin ZhaoGavin Zhao19 dagar sedan
  • 13:47 wtf is wrong with you

    Emerick BouetEmerick Bouet19 dagar sedan
  • At least England will see some warmth

    HEBHEB20 dagar sedan
  • In defense of the game, it does say LIFE likelihood, not human likelihood. We aren't the only creatures here lol

    ClaptonFan91ClaptonFan9121 dag sedan
  • thank god gray is not the creator of life

    Dxysiia 2Dxysiia 222 dagar sedan
  • 3:34 lol

    Manik BkManik Bk22 dagar sedan
  • earth becomes todoroki

    Johan BobyJohan Boby22 dagar sedan
  • The earth became a pokèball when he smashed a asteroid into it

    Henry ZhengHenry Zheng24 dagar sedan
  • Me looking at the earth rotating slowly: Chin Cheng Hanji

    David LiuDavid Liu25 dagar sedan
  • The picture was clichbait

    Umar AbdullahUmar Abdullah26 dagar sedan
  • Earth:wnf Is wrong with you

    Ethan SmithEthan Smith26 dagar sedan
  • Earth:Someone stop grave for god sakes

    Ethan SmithEthan Smith26 dagar sedan
  • He’s backkkkkk

    Khari DavisKhari Davis26 dagar sedan
  • It’s because of this poor performance is exactly why God kicked you off the Universe creation team!! “Say that loudly in a Gilbert Godfrey character voice.”

    Kristopher De TarKristopher De Tar27 dagar sedan
  • 9:01 Dude, you read my mid right through the screen

    Sonia NevermindSonia Nevermind27 dagar sedan
  • Why not name it todoroki

    abdul muhaiminabdul muhaimin28 dagar sedan
  • Ah yes... Death

    RIGG 2RIGG 228 dagar sedan
  • god simulator

    DanishDanish29 dagar sedan
  • Please don't let this man get out of the matrix, he's dangerous.

    MaketoruMaketoruMånad sedan
  • 0:56 oh no, not canada and japan!

    Coat GuyCoat GuyMånad sedan
  • imagine if our earth can be controlled by a simulator he ..

    Bss NationBss NationMånad sedan
  • Alternent title of this video: How to be god

    PC NationPC NationMånad sedan
  • Gray's content feels like a small youtube creator, it always surprises me that he actually has 4M subscribers. Most multi million subscriber channels don't make this kind of content.

    MailpackMailpackMånad sedan
  • this is what god did when he messed with the sun

    Mr BowlerhatMr BowlerhatMånad sedan
  • todoroki as a planet😂

    Hilary MarteHilary MarteMånad sedan
  • -57.8?? Canada's still fine (I'm canadian so I know from experience)

    Awaredragoon 713Awaredragoon 713Månad sedan
  • 4:33 my name is Eris and when the sun was gone I singshoted and took the sun’s place sorry sun and about when the earth was coming back to normal I would be that one person eating hot Spaghetti

    Maddy AftonMaddy AftonMånad sedan
  • Hey grey put a cold star next to Jupiter then a hot star

    AmCoreyanda DelarosaAmCoreyanda DelarosaMånad sedan
  • 10:40 a planet poke ball woah

    TechGaming575TechGaming575Månad sedan
  • 9:20 Todoroki is half hot half cold

    TechGaming575TechGaming575Månad sedan
  • There is a pretty neat number at 3:33 for the earth similarity.

    Alexander MelocheAlexander MelocheMånad sedan
  • 10:52 i tried slapping my phone to get the hair off but its not hair

    lucas leelucas leeMånad sedan
  • still less likely to die from covid

    Eric GlaubEric GlaubMånad sedan
  • december 2020 coming soon

    Jaxster _GTJaxster _GTMånad sedan
  • He talks about the earth like it has feelings " now let's see how the earth feels about this"

    Peppa_The _SkaterPeppa_The _SkaterMånad sedan
  • Life likelihood isn't the percentage of life that survives, it's the probability that there is any life

    Shachar HShachar HMånad sedan
  • yo gray, try to make mars liveable

    Trinity TrottierTrinity TrottierMånad sedan
  • Lmao “Johnathan...cus” 😂

    VikanuckVikanuckMånad sedan
  • i live in south africa of africa

    Ewan du ToitEwan du ToitMånad sedan
  • This takes place in snowpiercer

    This is Curs3dThis is Curs3dMånad sedan
  • Look at 13:41. The message on the left side got me! Lol

    Heath RaymerHeath RaymerMånad sedan
  • Btw likelihood of life isn’t human life it’s all life

    Alex MintoAlex MintoMånad sedan
  • spleens gang gang spleens gang gang spleens gang gang spleens gang gang spleens gang gang spleens gang gang

    itzfurpleguyitzfurpleguyMånad sedan
  • im not sure you understand the percentage. its not what percent of the population is alive. its the percent change that ANYTHING is alive. the baseline 99.3% seems like a bug in the algorithm.

    Max BellMax BellMånad sedan
  • 10:48 sideways pokeball what pokemon is inside of it??????

  • 8:47 Europeans be like

    Meatball PhilosopherMeatball PhilosopherMånad sedan
  • When you stop earth's rotation.. Dark side:Collld freezing Bright side: Hott burning Middle: LolLolLolLol

    พี่เตอร์ น้องน่าพี่เตอร์ น้องน่าMånad sedan
  • please halp us

    Icyy SNIcyy SNMånad sedan
  • you sound like drew gooden

    Spooky GrapeSpooky GrapeMånad sedan
  • The rushin will be fine it’s what they are used to like -45c so way

    Walker GravellsWalker GravellsMånad sedan
  • I think that when you put is at 2x hotter then its just Arizona everywhere

    dan thepaninimandan thepaninimanMånad sedan
  • P

    Edchel NatividadEdchel NatividadMånad sedan
  • P

    Edchel NatividadEdchel NatividadMånad sedan
  • Pp

    Edchel NatividadEdchel NatividadMånad sedan
  • Why he still plays?

  • -72.1 F is a pretty balmy winter here in the upper Midwest.

    choirboy25choirboy25Månad sedan
  • 10:43 giant poky ball

    C WC WMånad sedan
  • Can we get the dislikes to this video to 666? Lol 😂 I’m jk but I mean 60 more people???

    Day’s ReptilesDay’s ReptilesMånad sedan
  • 3:33 Earth Similarity:69.0% Life Likelihood:0.0% 'Some(and by some I mean all) of you may die, but that's the sacrifice I'm willing to make'

  • 10:48 lol google chrome

    Abacaxi GostosinAbacaxi GostosinMånad sedan
  • 10:43 planetary pokémon

    Skitto GamingSkitto GamingMånad sedan
  • Try to give Saturn a ring of sun’s

    ASFR&FlagCommunityASFR&FlagCommunityMånad sedan
  • to be honest if the planet stoped instantly then everything would go 1,000 mph just because we're always going 1,000 mph.

    Fouler CometFouler CometMånad sedan

    TheGoldenPotionTheGoldenPotionMånad sedan
  • What happens when you make the earth rotate the other way 🤔

    Flipper JulienFlipper JulienMånad sedan
  • perfectly balanced, as all things should be

    Crazy ArceusCrazy ArceusMånad sedan
  • What's that game ?

    Timothé De lavergneTimothé De lavergneMånad sedan
  • 10.46 :kinda looks like a pokeball sideways

    Marijo HorvatMarijo HorvatMånad sedan