i built a stairway to hell in GTA 5

23 aug 2020
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i built a stairway to hell in GTA 5
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Today we're using the euphoria mod to create some fun water ragdolls and jump fails

  • 7:21 car gets picked up then wombo combo'd by the meteor lmao

    Aidan RogersAidan Rogers6 timmar sedan
  • *Free sky-diving classes*

    XxPlayer_333xXXxPlayer_333xX16 timmar sedan
  • You forgot devil

    Alexander BoxerAlexander Boxer17 timmar sedan
  • I will take that house for 200 souls

    Danny O'ConnorDanny O'Connor19 timmar sedan
  • There's no stairs because there's already a highway to hell

    Dustin CahillDustin Cahill19 timmar sedan
  • You should have made a tsunami

    I like Chicken nuggetsI like Chicken nuggets23 timmar sedan
  • If you do a wheelie in the air you can glide

    Corbin BeresCorbin BeresDag sedan
  • 3:49 reminds me of arizona summers cus they are hot

    Nathan BarronNathan BarronDag sedan
  • aw shoulda shown what the hell looked like from the stairway

    MapleBit StudioMapleBit StudioDag sedan
  • Here we go, OFF THE RAILS

    Abombpatron425Abombpatron425Dag sedan
  • Whenever goku goes super saiyin 7:16

    Darren HankinsDarren Hankins2 dagar sedan
  • 7:59 8:43 2020:

    XdアヴァニXdアヴァニ3 dagar sedan
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    demontrent10653demontrent106533 dagar sedan
  • Why all Gray's vids lately just replay of 2020!!!

    Bryan McNairBryan McNair3 dagar sedan
  • How many zeros u want Gray yes

    n0 y3sn0 y3s3 dagar sedan
  • I'm starting to wonder if gray is a satanist

    GR1M R3AP3R 6IXGR1M R3AP3R 6IX3 dagar sedan
  • Gray you've created hell

    Za GrissomZa Grissom4 dagar sedan
  • I don't know what to say hmmmm

    Alfred WorthAlfred Worth4 dagar sedan
  • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Alfred WorthAlfred Worth4 dagar sedan
  • I have a feeling that gray will eventually become the devil’s right hand man. Just giving him ideas of the new kinds of suffering he can do.

    The StickopiaThe Stickopia5 dagar sedan
  • 2:07 real men don’t use brakes Also gray: *slow and steady wins the race*

    Ian EspinosaIan Espinosa5 dagar sedan
  • Play online

    derp derderp der5 dagar sedan
  • You should play happy room it’s basically usable so try to break up all the limbs of a person with stupid things and get high scores basically like. YOU

    Ayned HernandezAyned Hernandez6 dagar sedan
  • That's not hell. That's Florida

    C S GC S G6 dagar sedan
  • Fantastic!

    Richard MelkerRichard Melker6 dagar sedan
  • Wow pure caos 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

    Meriam McHenryMeriam McHenry7 dagar sedan
  • his laugh explains how evil he is lol

    Stacy BelloraStacy Bellora7 dagar sedan
  • 7:35 florida highways on a good day

    P0W3RGL0V3 -P0W3RGL0V3 -8 dagar sedan
  • Every time he falls off the platform or stairs I can feel it in my stomach

    Vera theBananaVera theBanana8 dagar sedan
  • 4:51 That’s literally Hell though.

    Spencer NelsonSpencer Nelson11 dagar sedan
  • Gray. Your videos bring me so much joy, I’ve never laughed so hard at gta in my life!

    The Invisible cactusThe Invisible cactus12 dagar sedan
  • !!!

    Eddie LucianoEddie Luciano13 dagar sedan
    • Eddie LucianoEddie Luciano13 dagar sedan
  • Having grey in your house is hell

    A_Normal_PlayerA_Normal_Player13 dagar sedan
  • How did you do this

    Ishwan DhanoaIshwan Dhanoa13 dagar sedan
    • Mods

      mr_magic2233twofivemr_magic2233twofive9 dagar sedan
  • hi

  • I approve this video 😈💯👌

    LuciferLucifer14 dagar sedan
  • USA BE LIKE ok we have a bad time in gta *me* aaaaaa

    Levina Davis流Levina Davis流14 dagar sedan
  • hell-man

    shattered diamondshattered diamond14 dagar sedan
  • EPIC

    Horses r cute Watch horsesHorses r cute Watch horses14 dagar sedan
  • so i invited my mom to watch this with me and.. she said you’re a funny psycho.. it’s kinda true tho sksksjsj

    butter no flybutter no fly15 dagar sedan
  • also the music in the background when he said "this is true hell now" is the "The hall of the mountain king"

    Caelen LoneyCaelen Loney15 dagar sedan
  • Yet more proof that Gray is the Anti-Christ

    Kool Mudkips IIIKool Mudkips III16 dagar sedan
  • alternate title: Tranforming Earth to Hell

    JohnNiel_JuniorJohnNiel_Junior18 dagar sedan
  • gray: makes hell in GTA satan: oh write that down, write that down

    Alyssa BainesAlyssa Baines18 dagar sedan
  • “We don’t need helmets where we’re going” Yes you do. You need *hell-* mets

    Aang the AvatarAang the Avatar18 dagar sedan
  • grey: no one made a stairway to hell ac/dc, looking at their highway: am i a joke to you

    Stinky RhumStinky Rhum18 dagar sedan
  • They’re not pole dancers if they’re not naked

    Gunner CooperGunner Cooper18 dagar sedan
  • It’s funny how he made hell in LA (Losantos)

    Shocka LitShocka Lit19 dagar sedan
  • Gray's version of hell somehow reminds me of hell from Keanu Reeves' Constantine film.

    Katsu KamijoKatsu Kamijo20 dagar sedan
  • They never build a stairway to help because there only a one-way highway to hell

    Joshua JaramilloJoshua Jaramillo22 dagar sedan
  • HellTA5

    Jon SaulJon Saul23 dagar sedan
  • music? 7:17

    Hilal KarabuberHilal Karabuber23 dagar sedan
  • 9:49 No one fear! Ron Weasley is her- ooooook then

    Rachael CampbellRachael Campbell24 dagar sedan
  • Grey: we don’t need helmets where we are going Me: you mean hellmets

    Sad HellHoundAirySad HellHoundAiry24 dagar sedan
  • Idea, read the first reply I put;

    Withered Fnaf Gacha :3Withered Fnaf Gacha :325 dagar sedan
    • Make a cursed area full of skulls and death, then put people binge drinking alcohol like drunk lords, after that you all ways gotta throw in the SIM style torture, then put a budlight shrine with pole dancers around it and you're set

      Withered Fnaf Gacha :3Withered Fnaf Gacha :325 dagar sedan
  • This is it This is insanity I’ve created the longest comment ever

    Potato GuyPotato Guy25 dagar sedan
    • I scrolled all the way down

      mr_magic2233twofivemr_magic2233twofive9 dagar sedan
  • Thats the end of the world

    Birgitte OlesenBirgitte Olesen26 dagar sedan
  • when willl he burn humans

    Kayleigh WeberKayleigh Weber26 dagar sedan
  • God I love gta 5 😂😂😂😂

    Chase SullivanChase Sullivan26 dagar sedan
  • Gray is the best SEworldr ever I’m a veteran

    Chase SullivanChase Sullivan26 dagar sedan
  • No one: Government: Ladies and gentlemen we have a gta master mind

    the_ Hazmatzthe_ Hazmatz27 dagar sedan
  • my pc would explode if i did this sh*t

    sssniperpug 69sssniperpug 6928 dagar sedan
  • If u want hell then u have to put a few oppressor mk2

    Jaden FarrellJaden Farrell28 dagar sedan
  • Gray, i thought Florida was hotter than Hell?

    Andrew AmentAndrew Ament28 dagar sedan
  • In the midst of all this there are like a million people pole dancing 100 miles up

    Canadian Maple syrupCanadian Maple syrup29 dagar sedan
  • Close to the end of the video Gray’s computer: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH Gray: welcome to hell bitch

    Just_Rage_ Quit!Just_Rage_ Quit!29 dagar sedan
  • Just a reminder: That's only the 1st layer of hell

    Gablgor And IndigoGablgor And Indigo29 dagar sedan
  • okay hold up (O _ O) 10:00 Why do you have the song "100 Digits of Pi" in hell. I'm sorry its just I'm pretty sure science is not needed in hell. (--- _ ---) I don't think you thought any one would get what song that was. (> w

    Kitten KKitten K29 dagar sedan
  • You’re lookin kinda sus! Name your last 2 tasks and your pathing this round or I vote you out!

    zotyhtvbngesrfrtyest yujtfmhcvsarrtgeserzotyhtvbngesrfrtyest yujtfmhcvsarrtgeserMånad sedan
  • .

    beautiful fornitebeautiful forniteMånad sedan
  • 0:03

    Dylan BowdenDylan BowdenMånad sedan
  • Estas loco cool XD

    Shaddaij. Perez davilaShaddaij. Perez davilaMånad sedan
  • Gray: *makes hell* wait, this isn't bad enough later *explosions, dying, no gravity, asteroids falling the end of the world* Gray: this isn't bad enough me: we need it more bad

  • At the beginning I thought the girls were just climbing a rope🤣🤣

    Alain H IdkAlain H IdkMånad sedan
  • My phone just crashed after watching this xD

    Syeed ArfanSyeed ArfanMånad sedan
    • No one cares

      mr_magic2233twofivemr_magic2233twofive9 dagar sedan
  • Disenchantment had a stairway to hell

    Nathan BeckettNathan BeckettMånad sedan
  • No, redbull would be sold in Heaven! Because it give you wings!

    Maliah SimsMaliah SimsMånad sedan
  • Highway to h-

    Strate Up GamrStrate Up GamrMånad sedan
  • Hey good job making Florida.

    Lysander LanningLysander LanningMånad sedan
  • Heaven(child in first day of school) hell (high school logic)

    M SpectriteM SpectriteMånad sedan
  • The cars Gets super speed 12:10

    lilac heartlilac heartMånad sedan
  • 97 pepole died not counting offscreen car explosions

    rvqecrwave efrdedrvqecrwave efrdedMånad sedan
  • Alright so today were playing the only game where you can go to the *t*r*p club and get a privite dance whith out getting in trouble

    James KennedyJames KennedyMånad sedan
  • 12:30 hello there

    dhijtydhijtyMånad sedan
  • They built a highway to hell instead

    Kobe JessoKobe JessoMånad sedan
  • Peter and James were in fact the names of Jesus apostles. Lol

    Aye MoneeyAye MoneeyMånad sedan
  • The thumbnail: 2016 people be like OMG, THIS WOULD "NEVER" HAPPEN!!!! People: nah this is just 2020

    Trenton DeckerTrenton DeckerMånad sedan
  • I may be a little late for this but why not men why wonen

    Richard VergaraRichard VergaraMånad sedan
  • it looks like world war2

    Angel Y Rodriguez RiveraAngel Y Rodriguez RiveraMånad sedan
    • You probably have never seen a video of ww2

      mr_magic2233twofivemr_magic2233twofive9 dagar sedan
  • So your basically satan?

    swagslayer69swagslayer69Månad sedan
  • The stairway to hell ends in California. Very accurate

    Warhawk76Warhawk76Månad sedan
  • 50 pole dancing Karens, my worst nightmare

    Warhawk76Warhawk76Månad sedan
  • I could've sworn his hair color red-shifted because of the SPEEEED!

    Gresha C.Gresha C.Månad sedan
  • 6:44 i see that coffee has finally taken effect

    ComicComicMånad sedan
  • Catergory 21000 huricane and ef36 tornado 11:01

    Bryant SaloBryant SaloMånad sedan
    • and 12:16

      Bryant SaloBryant SaloMånad sedan
    • and now its like when henry stickmin runs away from the giant robots in slow motion in stealing the diamond 11:32

      Bryant SaloBryant SaloMånad sedan
  • Click this 11:20. THE MUSIC

    Ruyah_Playz2012Ruyah_Playz2012Månad sedan
  • Grey is a psychopath, change my mind.

    Raptors WoofRaptors WoofMånad sedan
  • Gray just made sharknado season ten


    Canlas Family Adventures CanlasCanlas Family Adventures CanlasMånad sedan
  • 3:29 my name is james. i have a pal named peter. we tend to attempt to do gray-esque stuff. now we know what happens when you try to be like gray. you get decapitated.

    James Davis GamingJames Davis GamingMånad sedan