when you break bones at 670,616,629 mph

11 okt 2020
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when you break bones at 670,616,629 mph
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that hurt
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  • i appreciate they made a game where you can skateboard at light speed...into a wall.

    GrayStillPlaysGrayStillPlaysMånad sedan
    • Dont read this if u dont want a spoiler

      Logan RoachLogan Roach13 timmar sedan
    • Omg holly crap

      Jonathan FanelliJonathan FanelliDag sedan
    • Heyyyyyooooo

    • Hhiii

      William MooreWilliam Moore7 dagar sedan

      FlightSim ProFlightSim Pro7 dagar sedan

    ARYUSER24 GamingARYUSER24 Gaming2 minuter sedan
  • breack your ass

    Keith JacobKeith Jacob32 minuter sedan
  • All I saw was a leg than it went bye bye at 8:28 and than I heard a W E E Z E

    crazyboy9082 lolcrazyboy9082 lolTimme sedan
  • 8:28 you can see the skateboard just vanish into the background **wheeeeeeezzzzzeee**

    Abaddon Of the AbyssAbaddon Of the Abyss2 timmar sedan
  • Play this at the lowest speed 8:26

    Jared mayleJared mayle3 timmar sedan
  • 2:41 only a psycho would say that

    GHOST PR0 hunt Johnny GuagliardoGHOST PR0 hunt Johnny Guagliardo3 timmar sedan
  • when you break bones at 670,616,629 mph #relatable

    James RunkleJames Runkle4 timmar sedan
  • I cant stop laughing. The laughter police are being called

    Ironic9eIronic9e5 timmar sedan
  • 'I'm assuming push force is how hard you ki-'

    Chad BroskiChad Broski5 timmar sedan
  • It’s amazing

    Will BrittonWill Britton5 timmar sedan
  • Hey, gray! I wanted to let you know I love your work and my day isn't complete without watching one of your videos! You make me laugh, and keep on doing what you love!

    gremlingremlin6 timmar sedan
  • “Skateboards are full of vitamins minerals”cracked me up

    Train RandomTrain Random6 timmar sedan
  • 8:27 legend says that she is still going to this day...

    Dominick BarnesDominick Barnes6 timmar sedan
  • 0:41 the gravity was .10 more than it should be

    Zachary Fish TrayZachary Fish Tray6 timmar sedan
  • 2:5

    velvet rosevelvet rose6 timmar sedan
  • I love him he is so funny

    Kaiden SmithKaiden Smith8 timmar sedan
  • Great intro

    Nancy FigueroaNancy Figueroa10 timmar sedan
  • as watching to

    Crystal ScaggsCrystal Scaggs11 timmar sedan
  • Hahahaha im dying at 2:10

    Vyper_gaming -Vyper_gaming -12 timmar sedan
    • And finally 4:34

      Vyper_gaming -Vyper_gaming -12 timmar sedan
    • And 3:28

      Vyper_gaming -Vyper_gaming -12 timmar sedan
  • 8:26 alright we are about to make the jump to light speed

    Connor EllisConnor Ellis13 timmar sedan
  • I haven't laughed like this in a while

    Aj mydude2Aj mydude217 timmar sedan
  • why the f gray’s choice of games are so weird lmaooo

    Kayla mrvellaKayla mrvella18 timmar sedan
  • Actually 9 is not half of 69 34.5 is dumbass XD

    Dexter BernardDexter Bernard21 timme sedan
  • Im diing when she ate her skatbored

    The ballerThe baller23 timmar sedan
  • You should add memes to your vids people would sub faster

    Sandra SantanaSandra SantanaDag sedan
  • I remember I used to die laughing watching people play Skate 3 horribly. This is 10000% better. I almost cried.

    RileyRileyDag sedan
  • I could not stop laughing

    Charles BrownCharles BrownDag sedan
  • ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

    Ford BryantFord BryantDag sedan
  • I was having a shitty day and then I found this in my recommended and knew it was going to be a better day

    Random Steven universe kidRandom Steven universe kidDag sedan
  • OMG....barely a minute in and I am already laughing so hard my face hurts!!! :D

    Tech News for Tech NoobsTech News for Tech NoobsDag sedan
  • me and gray when the push force was 200: what the f

    bolibompa boibolibompa boiDag sedan
  • 69k likes on the video RN 😂🤣

    Gggamer GamesGggamer Games2 dagar sedan
  • Lol

    Robert McglownRobert Mcglown2 dagar sedan
  • Jesus, that Dislike Ratio what happened?

    Mark Septipie 2Mark Septipie 22 dagar sedan
  • Gray with almost every number in existence:r0ock1e numb3rs

    Johnathon MockJohnathon Mock2 dagar sedan
  • Gray-"I couldn't believe how long it took to finally get a board to go up my ass. (That's when I got the idea to play this game.)"

    kaw628kaw6282 dagar sedan
  • Cool I have that board

    Blueboy ProductionsBlueboy Productions2 dagar sedan

    Dow BaileyDow Bailey2 dagar sedan
  • He wont be bowling with those balls

    Andy SamotAndy Samot2 dagar sedan
  • b

    Aren WeinleAren Weinle3 dagar sedan
  • Its not a real vid until he falls through the world

    Solaris spaceSolaris space3 dagar sedan
  • I was literally laughing the whole video

    Noah OsnesNoah Osnes3 dagar sedan
  • 3:12 peace out

    chante figueroachante figueroa3 dagar sedan
  • “I don’t see any tears” evil music in the background

    Sara OlsenSara Olsen3 dagar sedan
  • who else saw 69k like bruh -_-

    Jamie RossJamie Ross3 dagar sedan
  • 3:12 peace out

    Minehead BlockfeetMinehead Blockfeet3 dagar sedan
  • 69k likes nice

    Birbboi BoiBirbboi Boi3 dagar sedan
  • Soda BobaSoda Boba3 dagar sedan
  • *6* 70,616,62 *9* 69k likes Coincidence?

    Mr. Brothy BearMr. Brothy Bear4 dagar sedan
  • Please play some more skater xl

    Cody SchneiderCody Schneider4 dagar sedan
  • Deku be shaking while reading that title-

    xxSunFlower_shinesxxSunFlower_shines4 dagar sedan
  • *05:31** Steve-O*

    VitorOA 99VitorOA 994 dagar sedan
  • I love how when he was like “I wonder if the push force is-“ “KAKAROTT” “Wait I’m not Kaka- AHHHHhhhh..”

    billingsley christophercbillingsley christopherc4 dagar sedan
  • Skater: dies* Gray: see it’s actually not that bad

    Brian ColemanBrian Coleman4 dagar sedan
  • Dude do this again but ZERO GRAVITY AND MAX POP FORCE

    Dalton GLUbDalton GLUb5 dagar sedan
  • 6:25 when Gray goes like: *pffffkkk*

    Tulay KurtTulay Kurt5 dagar sedan
  • Gray is the funniest SEworldr I’ve watched lol and I love the voices he makes

    Star DoblerStar Dobler5 dagar sedan
  • i died from laghter .,.

    -cheetah- rawr uwu-cheetah- rawr uwu6 dagar sedan
  • oooooooooooooooooooooooh mmmmmmmmmmy goooood

    tecgbe scttecgbe sct6 dagar sedan
  • “Tony hawk meet Tanya cocaine” I’m dying

    Rory HooverRory Hoover6 dagar sedan
  • 8:20 through 8:35 was the best part of my day 😂

    Superkitty PROSuperkitty PRO6 dagar sedan
  • lol the video started loading at 2:24 and i had to watch his guy stuck in midair for 15 seconds

    Superkitty PROSuperkitty PRO6 dagar sedan
  • 8:25

    Kirzo HDKirzo HD6 dagar sedan
  • grey:i wonder if push force i how hard you ki me laying right next to my sleeping mother:HOLY JESUS CHRIST me getting my a** beat up by my mom:AHHHHH IM SORRY IM SORRY

    Scp- 173Scp- 1737 dagar sedan
  • Wow

    William MooreWilliam Moore7 dagar sedan
  • 8:25 XD my reaction was the exact same as his.

    HK_XexenBlu3HK_XexenBlu37 dagar sedan
  • She’s in Florida now

    Jeffrey WerneckeJeffrey Wernecke7 dagar sedan
  • ROOKiE NuMbERs

    Jeffrey WerneckeJeffrey Wernecke7 dagar sedan
  • 8:26 gf: come over me:i cant gf: my parents aren't home me:

    Patsy BakerPatsy Baker7 dagar sedan
  • Ar you going tho march with that speed??.

    player_ redplayer_ red7 dagar sedan
  • Me. Yeet. Skateboarder when he goes and flies up into the air because he doesn't like his life and I laughed so hard that I can't breathe

    ReanchiReanchi7 dagar sedan
  • You and the skateboarder. You. From this angle it actually looks like he's saying skateboarder. I love skateboarding oh geez my spine

    ReanchiReanchi7 dagar sedan
  • When you snap your spine twice. Me dying and laughter because you're funny and I do laugh so hard

    ReanchiReanchi7 dagar sedan
  • When you hit the school bus. Me. Dying in laughter Gray. Calmly giggling

    ReanchiReanchi7 dagar sedan
  • Skater flies into the air and breaks his all of his bones

    ReanchiReanchi7 dagar sedan
  • Gray when skater jumps all his skateboard and breaks his ankles. And this is me breaking my ankles skater. Owww

    ReanchiReanchi7 dagar sedan
  • Yaaaaaaayyyy cracks me: 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    TTV datboimad702TTV datboimad7027 dagar sedan
  • Skater: going to heaven Grey: turns gravity back Skater goes to hell

    CHRISTIAN StudiozCHRISTIAN Studioz7 dagar sedan
    • Lol true

      BLUE WATER PagallamanBLUE WATER Pagallaman2 dagar sedan
  • 8:26 gf: come over me:i cant gf: my parents aren't home me:

    Stinky RhumStinky Rhum8 dagar sedan
  • Ah yes the clasic, breaking all my bones when i go 670,616,629. I do every day!

    Rachel KargasRachel Kargas8 dagar sedan
  • grey:this is a game where you can skate in a realistic manner and that is not gonna happen.

    Stephanie BrinkleyStephanie Brinkley8 dagar sedan
  • Itd be a much cooler game if it showed an xray of the bones and injuries you receive.

    Briar FoxBriar Fox8 dagar sedan
  • He went 2x faster than the speed of light

    Jeni JoffreJeni Joffre9 dagar sedan

    Crystal BoiCrystal Boi10 dagar sedan
  • The 20..200 got me I'm actually dead..like I cant bruh

  • stop make me laugh

    TheGaijin74TheGaijin7410 dagar sedan
  • Is it just me or does his "nice" sound like Kevin's from the office?

    the boyz with a zthe boyz with a z11 dagar sedan
  • Omg it’s 2:00 am and I woke up my mom with my laughter I could not breathe at all Like this comment if you feel the same

    Sandra MorenoSandra Moreno11 dagar sedan
  • He tries to hard to laugh. Why are you lughing?

    Luca NardiLuca Nardi11 dagar sedan
  • What would this channel be if he couldn't talk while laughing?

    Sam LindsaySam Lindsay11 dagar sedan
  • Please play skate 3 PLEASEEE

    Yekşah Lucifer AlpaslanYekşah Lucifer Alpaslan11 dagar sedan
  • "That was a ollie... (crash sound effect) that was me breaking my ankles" *Sigh* I just love that line.

    devon maloneydevon maloney12 dagar sedan
  • Gray : ima assume push for- Also gray *WHEEZE*

    hell demonhell demon12 dagar sedan

    RexosaurusRexosaurus12 dagar sedan
  • “If you still have all your bones, you’re not skating hard enough” ~~GrayStillPlays

    You_PhailYou_Phail12 dagar sedan
  • We need a GSP x Zanny crossover in our lives

    WVU WorldWVU World12 dagar sedan
  • “You can damn near smell this guy’s groin while he’s paralyzing himself” - GrayStillPlays 2020

    oeooeo12 dagar sedan
  • dudes trying way too hard to be funny. didnt laugh. plus you're white

    NecoplsNecopls12 dagar sedan
  • Gray can u try a game called drift zone

    Emir GamerEmir Gamer12 dagar sedan