solve the puzzle = erase 1 piece of clothing

7 nov 2020
773 170 visningar

solve the puzzle = erase 1 piece of clothing
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when poor drawing and poor decision making collide
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  • Penitaur the pig huh...

    Alexander TsynkovAlexander Tsynkov10 minuter sedan
  • 6:22 I like how happy music is playing the whole time...

    Alexander TsynkovAlexander Tsynkov17 minuter sedan
  • O

    Osvaldas KupstasOsvaldas Kupstas46 minuter sedan
  • What a teenager

    Aiden SteeleAiden Steele11 timmar sedan
  • 10:45 looks to me like he made a nuke not a turkey

    Nanarandomlynibblesthings EverydayNanarandomlynibblesthings Everyday20 timmar sedan
  • you are so funny with these we have so much in common like if you think you do to

    Jeremiah ThomasJeremiah ThomasDag sedan
  • Draws a pin onto a pinless grenade and somehow that explodes while the grenade without a pin doesn't.... Riiiiiight....

    GrimDesiresGrimDesiresDag sedan
  • The two reasons why peole came to this v Vidio reson 1 :the title of the video reson 2 :the picture of the video

    Jessica JonesJessica Jones2 dagar sedan
  • The diabetes part sent me flying.

    Bronwen CaddBronwen Cadd2 dagar sedan
  • Gray: * demonetizes Channel also Gray: *trying to monetize his channel again "don't worry this is..... half a cartoon bone!"

    Gloria ChangGloria Chang2 dagar sedan
  • I’m Scottish and I can confirm we do all wear kilts and have swords on our back I honestly prefer a claymore sword on my back.

    Mr SprinklezMr Sprinklez3 dagar sedan
  • This us a uh giant screw definitely not a d

    daniel ggjboydaniel ggjboy3 dagar sedan
  • @11:46 it looks like a fish I thought

    AzpectAzpect4 dagar sedan
  • This video should be renamed gray drawls death and dicks

    dino Stackerdino Stacker4 dagar sedan
  • No the girl who used a gernade to escape was a blond also my dad and mom met in the army and instead of a ring my dad got my mom a gernade pin

    Lucas C.Lucas C.4 dagar sedan
  • It is jack's hammer

    Tank HeringtonTank Herington4 dagar sedan
  • 1:34 both the guys are naked

    e.z- gaming220e.z- gaming2204 dagar sedan
  • All the people that just clicked the video because of the thumbnail | V

    Malakai BeggsMalakai Beggs5 dagar sedan
  • I’m part Scottish

    Ella OwenElla Owen5 dagar sedan
  • At 7:46 the gun was wrong but gray cutted the correct answer out

    Dennis GoreDennis Gore5 dagar sedan
    • U can’t sneak by me

      Dennis GoreDennis Gore5 dagar sedan
    • Gray if u r watching this then NEVER EVER do this again.

      Dennis GoreDennis Gore5 dagar sedan
    • And cut out the correct answer and pretends to get it right

      Dennis GoreDennis Gore5 dagar sedan
    • And at 9:46 and 9:56 you can see that he failed

      Dennis GoreDennis Gore5 dagar sedan
  • Everyone leave a life for him

    Teresa HaleTeresa Hale5 dagar sedan
  • Hello my name is chase Yo

    Teresa HaleTeresa Hale5 dagar sedan
  • I can’t believe they made you tread on that snake.

    Panda RxPanda Rx5 dagar sedan
  • AS A PERSON FROM OREGON, that is not a seal.

    Pibbity BoyPibbity Boy5 dagar sedan
  • Hello gray Im from Scotland and no we do not carry swords everywhere (that would be cool tho) and men only wear kilts to weddings, parties and ceilidhs (ceilidhs are Scottish dancing type things)

    Kel MacKel Mac6 dagar sedan
  • 0:06 is that a Roblox guest?

    Mayfield HanMayfield Han6 dagar sedan
  • Fhe😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    Oush 666Oush 6666 dagar sedan
  • As a IRL Scotsman, I can confirm we only wear kilts and walk around with broadswords.

    MarxMarx6 dagar sedan
  • I hate that thumbnail for making me think I had stuff on my screen

    Zayden unicornZayden unicorn6 dagar sedan

    Luis IngaLuis Inga7 dagar sedan
  • Somebody made this game while they were drunk-

    •ImaMotherFrickenDinosaur••ImaMotherFrickenDinosaur•7 dagar sedan
  • By the way human meat is very nutritious

    Debbie GomezDebbie Gomez7 dagar sedan
  • ᅠᅠ

    OpaliumOpalium7 dagar sedan
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Jacqueline SpencerJacqueline Spencer7 dagar sedan
  • The girl's hair style changed almost halfway

    Min Hui CheoMin Hui Cheo8 dagar sedan
  • "pUrGaToRy"

    cameron_alonsocameron_alonso8 dagar sedan
  • I hate you right now Gray

    Tovhowani MasikhwaTovhowani Masikhwa8 dagar sedan
  • 5:50 what is that song called ive heard it since i was 5 but idk what its called-

    L o v e l yL o v e l y9 dagar sedan
  • I feel like only pervs would watch this video because of the thumbnail.

    James MathieJames Mathie9 dagar sedan
  • 👾👾👾👾👾👾🎮👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾🎮🎖

    Ethan AtuaheneEthan Atuahene9 dagar sedan
  • Hey did you just say turkey because it’s Thanksgiving

    TheKingOfBeeSwarm 21TheKingOfBeeSwarm 219 dagar sedan
  • As a Scottish person yes we always have swords

    Sm1ler213 GamingSm1ler213 Gaming9 dagar sedan
  • No

    Violet EubanksViolet Eubanks9 dagar sedan
  • The stickgirl should.die stickgirl: how bout no!

    Brad CowanBrad Cowan9 dagar sedan
  • i love the turkey you are so funy

    Zoe RichardsZoe Richards9 dagar sedan
  • *i was gonna draw a cigarette lighter or something*

    AstrilxxAstrilxx10 dagar sedan
  • Y’know I thought the thumbnail was typical Grey exaggeration. Nope, that’s just this game

    Semi DecentSemi Decent10 dagar sedan
  • 7:27 what the faa

    Stinky ForyouStinky Foryou10 dagar sedan
  • yes florda dosnt k ow we will know

    Tristan AshbyTristan Ashby10 dagar sedan
  • *sticks pp in hot dog buns* the girl in the game: bites* the guy: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    lenny facelenny face10 dagar sedan
    • Your username explains it all

      Gundham TanakaGundham Tanaka9 dagar sedan
  • Best game ever!!!

    NewdanMediaNewdanMedia10 dagar sedan
  • I can't stop laughing.🤣

    Adam OverstreetAdam Overstreet10 dagar sedan
  • 18+ video and for boys only o/o

    cookie mistakecookie mistake10 dagar sedan
    • @Gundham Tanaka yeah boiiiiii

      cookie mistakecookie mistake9 dagar sedan
    • and for the lesbians ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      Gundham TanakaGundham Tanaka9 dagar sedan
  • I gave my crush skulls, now I am under house arrest

    unknown entityunknown entity10 dagar sedan
  • ?????

    Jean KuzirianJean Kuzirian11 dagar sedan
  • Y E S , kilt and sword

    Black Man In A KiltBlack Man In A Kilt11 dagar sedan
  • *A girl that would be happy if I gave her a bouquet of skulls*... dammit gray! I'm trying to do the no nut November challenge here, do you want me to fail?

    HempMasterNinjaHempMasterNinja11 dagar sedan
  • his voice on 2.0% playback speed XD

    Chaz SalsmanChaz Salsman11 dagar sedan
  • 8:11 you see Gray, your right hand is for holding cocaine. Not beating your "flat-head screw"

    Chaz SalsmanChaz Salsman11 dagar sedan
  • 7:59 wow she likes to swear or likes a broccoli hot dog

    I M SwaminathanI M Swaminathan12 dagar sedan
  • 6:38 Are you thinking what I thinking💭?

    Kervin AvilesKervin Aviles13 dagar sedan
    • Ok now it's too many

      Kervin AvilesKervin Aviles13 dagar sedan
  • 666k views nice

    Xxlazerxbot Xbox playerXxlazerxbot Xbox player13 dagar sedan
  • OMG 666K VIEWS

    FlowboyFlowboy13 dagar sedan
  • Grey! I Found A Game That Lets You Erase Clothing! It's Called Erase Story

    Ally KAlly K13 dagar sedan
  • Put the Huntington in Bella Ass

    jearlene skundajearlene skunda13 dagar sedan
  • So I reached to minute 3 and im concerned how the hek didnt u mentioned the fact that if this girl needed a top that would mean the other 2 guys are completely naked

    dokuganryyudokuganryyu13 dagar sedan
  • Snakes are not animals but they are the demons that live on earth

    Just StuffJust Stuff13 dagar sedan
  • it looks like a whele

    Evil MeEvil Me13 dagar sedan
  • “I fear no mortal but this mortal” “Gray still plays” “He scares me”

  • this game taught us that drawing genitals solves many problems lol

    Samuel KimSamuel Kim14 dagar sedan
  • When gray drew the bottom part of the alligator i said "oh he's doing something right." Then when he drew the head i was like "oh nvm."

    J. P. GrayJ. P. Gray14 dagar sedan
  • stop drawing wenners

    Patrick HerlihyPatrick Herlihy14 dagar sedan
  • the most shameful thing here is the lecherous pirate wasn't "looking for booty" in that joke XD

    GutsCrossGutsCross14 dagar sedan
  • 3:30 Gray: Ar, matey, I spot- Me as a woman with a dumb dirty mind: -some booty (treasure) Gray: -ideas fueled by cocaine Me: …

    LO AngelLO Angel15 dagar sedan
  • When he said human gravy I chocked on my pastry

    Arushi BrahmaArushi Brahma15 dagar sedan
  • This is such A childhood family friendly Video am I right :>

    Fløwer Eclipse ツFløwer Eclipse ツ16 dagar sedan
  • You're form florida?

    Ocaink LegendsOcaink Legends16 dagar sedan
  • I'm, Scottish and that is so true we walk around with swords

    zachary stillplayszachary stillplays16 dagar sedan
  • I am in America so you can probably visit me

    Ryan PesterRyan Pester16 dagar sedan
  • I meant two sorry

    Natalie NoordewierNatalie Noordewier16 dagar sedan
  • Make her have 4 arms to kill both of them in to shots, hell yes!

    Natalie NoordewierNatalie Noordewier16 dagar sedan
  • Congrats on 4 mill gray

    Abstract TTVAbstract TTV16 dagar sedan
  • "Flat earth equivalent of a shark" made me lol

    RoughThiefRoughThief17 dagar sedan
  • Bud Light!!!

    Metal SonicMetal Sonic17 dagar sedan
  • “If I had to guess, all stick figures love top hats” *Flashbacks to Henry Stickmin*

    ꧁ Springtronic ꧂꧁ Springtronic ꧂17 dagar sedan
  • He drew a -hotdog- on a rake

    TE44YTE44Y18 dagar sedan
  • How do stick women give birth?

    Blueblood1270Blueblood127018 dagar sedan
  • At 6:15 i started saying "Gray no.. Gray don't do it.." andthen at 6:25 i said "You did it.. you did it why.."

    Chocco MallowChocco Mallow18 dagar sedan
  • Beforetimes: Rub some bacon on it. 2020: Draw a pweepwee on it.

    Murrlin27Murrlin2718 dagar sedan
  • I have a shipe sckal

    Christo LaasChristo Laas18 dagar sedan
  • Yes that is a cartoon bone

    Zander BeanZander Bean19 dagar sedan
  • She looks like budget Harley Quinn.

    Leah MarieLeah Marie19 dagar sedan
  • 8:49 So the impersonation of Tiffany sounds exactly like Micky Mouse...

    CreamnCheeseCreamnCheese19 dagar sedan
  • I meant 11:58

    XxghostXx SubscribeXxghostXx Subscribe19 dagar sedan
  • Gray why did you laugh in 12:00 you make my siblings laugh harder hahahahaha

    XxghostXx SubscribeXxghostXx Subscribe19 dagar sedan
  • I watched this and now I know my life is a lie.

    Jackson LawrenceJackson Lawrence19 dagar sedan
  • 11:06 is possibly the best part of this video😂

    Akoma RampageAkoma Rampage19 dagar sedan
  • I'm dying

    Beau Heikkinen Holden Is KingBeau Heikkinen Holden Is King19 dagar sedan
  • I accidentally pressed on this vid but it's hilarious

    Beau Heikkinen Holden Is KingBeau Heikkinen Holden Is King19 dagar sedan
  • Day 7 of asking grey to play teardown

    Official PlaysOfficial Plays20 dagar sedan