when you destroy a city with cat 10 hurricanes

18 sep 2020
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when you destroy a city with cat 10 hurricanes
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  • Can someone give me the link to download this game?

    Random PatriotRandom Patriot3 timmar sedan
  • 3:45 that's how portals work

    golden glaceongolden glaceon8 timmar sedan
  • 时尚,是,s,#mzmxkdmdkm🌪💥🔥🏆⚠️

    Ting PengTing Peng18 timmar sedan
  • 嗯嗯)wmkswl🦒🎷☢️ ij

    Ting PengTing Peng19 timmar sedan
  • When saw the title of the video, I thought Gray was going to destroy a city with a hurricane of cats...

    UmbreonfishUmbreonfish19 timmar sedan
  • Plz play room rampage I beg you

    Fester NjoguFester NjoguDag sedan
  • Those fireworks don’t go with the 4th of July

    pig the epicpig the epicDag sedan
  • You know how laughter makes you live longer, or at least that's what they say? well now I'm inmortal

    Aftons And Co.Aftons And Co.Dag sedan
  • gray can you try stacking 100 nukes by using the portals

    Meltywax dev botMeltywax dev bot2 dagar sedan
  • Green teeth

    Adrian DiloneAdrian Dilone2 dagar sedan
  • Wut is that song

    Sushi PoliceSushi Police3 dagar sedan
  • In this video alone, we witness at LEAST 10,000,000 deaths

    Callsign PhoenixCallsign Phoenix3 dagar sedan
  • And also gray there's a funny think that I found in that game if you put a portal on top of a another one then spawn a UFO the UFO will just teleporting

    Marwan MadaleMarwan Madale3 dagar sedan
  • Hey gray download a mod that has no cool down and the will be sick

    Marwan MadaleMarwan Madale3 dagar sedan
  • God: So, how powerful do you want your hurricanes? Gray: Uh huh, sure.

    AlpacaBoi 7AlpacaBoi 74 dagar sedan
  • Did u guys know that the golden gate bridge strings are made out of titanium soooooo heavy

    zootzootman zootzootzootman zoot5 dagar sedan
  • Tornado And hurricane season

    Jarion WillisJarion Willis5 dagar sedan
  • Try holding the tsunami

    hDavid CharneshDavid Charnes5 dagar sedan
  • 3:50 cars on repeat

    Marianne Gallagher McDonaldMarianne Gallagher McDonald5 dagar sedan
  • ok..?

    Lyndall EverleyLyndall Everley6 dagar sedan
  • 8:18 literally 2020s forth of july in a nutshell

    PersonAnimationsPersonAnimations6 dagar sedan
  • if u put the portals in perfect spot then u can spawn multible ufo's or nuke's in the on below the other when u put the on somewhere else then u can nuke the city with like 50 nukes or ufo's

    Killerplay 35Killerplay 356 dagar sedan
  • Game"

    Akshaj PurohitAkshaj Purohit7 dagar sedan
  • What is the name of the gane

    Akshaj PurohitAkshaj Purohit7 dagar sedan
  • For the frist time i broke the this game in my phone cause i put bomsb in brige then after i explod it it just make the game broke i broke the game for frist time in city smash

    alvaro rizkyalvaro rizky8 dagar sedan
  • yeet i like it

    ivan manansalaivan manansala8 dagar sedan
  • 5:57 what the hell happened

    Christopher TabagChristopher Tabag8 dagar sedan
  • what is a game name

    alvaro rizkyalvaro rizky9 dagar sedan
  • Not so sad anymore

    Aren CalhounAren Calhoun9 dagar sedan
  • When you said "Cat" as an abbreviation of Category I thought you were destroying a city with a cat named hurricane 10

    MysticMoonPlaysMysticMoonPlays9 dagar sedan
  • seworld.info/will/Z47NmrLYeHmWr58/video

  • 3:07

    idk man a nickidk man a nick10 dagar sedan
  • why do how do you download citismash

    Dick MaulionDick Maulion10 dagar sedan
  • WOW

    Dick MaulionDick Maulion10 dagar sedan
    • KO

      Dick MaulionDick Maulion10 dagar sedan
  • 5:28 ZA WURDO

    Marcus HughesMarcus Hughes10 dagar sedan
  • 9:09 Ah It's Final Destination All Over Again - Graystillplays City Smash

    Slade VincentSlade Vincent10 dagar sedan
  • You HAVE to play megaton rainfall!!! It is city smash BUT THE ENTIRE WORLD.

    CaptiveRaptorCaptiveRaptor11 dagar sedan
  • I just wanna know how to make the game less laggy :)

    Gacha_ BeatzGacha_ Beatz11 dagar sedan
  • I love your videos

    Stephanie ThompsonStephanie Thompson11 dagar sedan

    No nameNo name12 dagar sedan
  • Oh I’m gunna have fun with this game

    Nicholas WolfeNicholas Wolfe12 dagar sedan
  • 3:07 TOYOTA YEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂

    No one Of consequenceNo one Of consequence12 dagar sedan
  • This game is so violent oh my goodness it’s hilarious

    Twisted Logic CoastersTwisted Logic Coasters12 dagar sedan
  • Living in Florida I can confirm this is exactly what it’s like.

    Local DingusLocal Dingus12 dagar sedan
  • I cried laughing when 1:01 happened

    TheOneOtherPerson TwitchTvTheOneOtherPerson TwitchTv13 dagar sedan
  • What the people on the ground see when gray plays solar smash

    christo reynachristo reyna13 dagar sedan
  • Imagine he saying school out cause pandemic in 2019 people would make millions of video on how he told the future

    christo reynachristo reyna13 dagar sedan
  • 7:41 non-rookie noises yeeeeEEHHHHHSs

    Gabriel SalvatoreGabriel Salvatore13 dagar sedan
  • 5:35 rookie noises!!

    Gabriel SalvatoreGabriel Salvatore13 dagar sedan
  • AMERICAAAAAA!!!!!!! (Boom)

    Autumn SeeleyAutumn Seeley14 dagar sedan
  • A FIRENADO is a real thing (9:00 for me in Pierre)

    Autumn SeeleyAutumn Seeley14 dagar sedan
  • ah yes...the doomsday meteorite is a classic...(imagine doomsday)

    Joe KupchinJoe Kupchin14 dagar sedan
  • #graystillplays

    Joe KupchinJoe Kupchin14 dagar sedan
  • If you put the portals right you can drop as many nukes as possible ask for instuctions.

    Iron Plasma369Iron Plasma36914 dagar sedan
  • Hey if you use the ufo and strike it with a lighting bolt it will destroy it

    Xavier ColonXavier Colon15 dagar sedan
  • 12:32 what happens when i have taco bell😂

    Damian HarrisDamian Harris15 dagar sedan
  • 8:13 happy judgement day lol

    Zachary EarnestZachary Earnest16 dagar sedan
  • I have this game and its so addicting. I love it

    Femke AbenFemke Aben16 dagar sedan
  • I have a new favorite SEworldr.

    Boi yasBoi yas17 dagar sedan
  • I was half asleep when I saw this, and thought it said "destroy city with 10 cat" . I was confused off my ass not gonna lie.

    Jackson PuckettJackson Puckett17 dagar sedan
  • Act as if the buildings are trees a category two knocked everything down only trees

    Gunner CooperGunner Cooper17 dagar sedan
  • 8:13 America: Japan, I don't think we got all our revenge during WW2.

    Cobe Cross-LathanCobe Cross-Lathan18 dagar sedan
  • city smash more like tiddie smash am i right gamers?

    matthvhmatthvh18 dagar sedan
  • If you put all the C4s in one place like a building weird things are maybe random explosions will happen.

    TheOoferPlayzTheOoferPlayz19 dagar sedan
  • Hey gray I have one way to destroy the UFO spawn the UFO at the middle of the tornado and and it destroys after it did the thing

    jeegamin unionjeegamin union19 dagar sedan
  • “Cats” said the title “Destruction” said the title as well “Death for everyone” says gray everyday “Funny” says the fanbase every time gray uploads a video

    Loving LifeLoving Life19 dagar sedan
  • E

    wHaT iS mI nAmE!?!?!? CUNKYwHaT iS mI nAmE!?!?!? CUNKY19 dagar sedan
  • lol

    Jangmo oJangmo o20 dagar sedan
  • Play more of this

    wildersumo7570 playzwildersumo7570 playz21 dag sedan
  • Fun fact: hitting a flying car with a firework makes the flying car drink cocain

    smug Gabe 4smug Gabe 421 dag sedan
  • 12:30

    Kevin 110088Kevin 11008821 dag sedan
  • The name should be kill the world for a better lifetime

    Eaindra Cham MyaEaindra Cham Mya22 dagar sedan
  • tip:you can destroy the ufo tool/weapon

    Martin RahadiMartin Rahadi22 dagar sedan
  • What dogs think fireworks are: 7:58

    Lissette HernandezLissette Hernandez23 dagar sedan
  • me: grays awesome then he destroys the whole planet

    Kole HoltzKole Holtz23 dagar sedan
  • gray: I want everything to go crap

    lihong helihong he24 dagar sedan
  • i destroy up to 40 U.F.O

    haikal kamilhaikal kamil25 dagar sedan
  • You can destroy the U.F.O with lightning

    haikal kamilhaikal kamil25 dagar sedan
  • I got an add for Cracker Barrel’s animal crossing island...

    Landmarker 1Landmarker 125 dagar sedan
  • does anybody know what the banjo music at 3:08 to 3:10 is?

    insert nameinsert name26 dagar sedan

    Dusttale SansDusttale Sans26 dagar sedan
  • did you know that the UFO interacts with the portal, and the nuke vaporizes the bridge water?

    Silens LukSilens Luk27 dagar sedan
  • It’s literally like Christmas

    Ryan TramonteRyan Tramonte27 dagar sedan
  • portal is my favorite

    golden glaceongolden glaceon27 dagar sedan
  • Chaos

    Kev TronKev Tron27 dagar sedan
  • I laughed so hard when he said WHAT THE P***!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😅😅😅😅

    David WilliamsDavid Williams28 dagar sedan
  • moma mia

    shadowbolt dashshadowbolt dash28 dagar sedan
  • I love Gary’s intros

    Random GamerRandom Gamer29 dagar sedan
  • Did they update the cars to where they explode?

    Storm JonesStorm Jones29 dagar sedan
  • canada: we only have 4 seasons winter harsh winter ice age and finaly COLD

    Ryan ChiltonRyan Chilton29 dagar sedan
  • Did you know you can break the ufo?

    Bernard VillarinoBernard Villarino29 dagar sedan
  • Nobody: 2021 will be better on July 4th: July 4th on 2021: 7:54

    T H E- D U C KT H E- D U C K29 dagar sedan
  • 6:41 "YAY!" lol :DDD

    LoneWolf CZLoneWolf CZMånad sedan
  • Grey you can actually make an infinite loop with the nuke, asteroid and missile.

    Daniel AsnakeDaniel AsnakeMånad sedan
  • Hollywood take notes Jajajaj

  • I have that game

    Jaxson DuvallJaxson DuvallMånad sedan
  • Whoever are driving those explosive trucks drank 1.000.000 gallons of cocaine

    RFA gamerzRFA gamerzMånad sedan
  • What the piss

    sherringtonjr78sherringtonjr78Månad sedan
    • What the piss

      sherringtonjr78sherringtonjr78Månad sedan
  • 3:37 It made me laugh in tears

    Courtney MottCourtney MottMånad sedan

    bobby fothedbobby fothedMånad sedan