i broke an infinite number of bones and this happened

2 okt 2020
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i broke an infinite number of bones and this happened
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the ultimate ragdoll game
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  • Well...stick torture has gone 3D.

    GrayStillPlaysGrayStillPlays2 månader sedan
    • Yes, yes it have

      The Purple ReaperThe Purple Reaper2 dagar sedan
    • Yee

      Damion_ BoleyYT&Dane_stoweYTDamion_ BoleyYT&Dane_stoweYT16 dagar sedan
    • >:)>:)>:)>:)

      ghost boyghost boy21 dag sedan
    • Hey gray you can have 2.3mil ;D

      Axel the idiot BarlowAxel the idiot Barlow26 dagar sedan
    • Can you play skate 3

      SloMo BoySloMo Boy27 dagar sedan
  • Alright

    Fahmi. NFahmi. NDag sedan
  • This game is exactly like turbo dismount

    The Purple ReaperThe Purple Reaper2 dagar sedan
  • I have a great great great great great great great idea why don’t you use all the things that you are using that will be so so funny I’m breakable of course I just know how to go online single inside

    shawnta brownshawnta brown2 dagar sedan
  • 😍😋😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Christine ReillyChristine Reilly3 dagar sedan
  • KLJLBf

    Jessica CarsonJessica Carson3 dagar sedan
  • I feel like this is just a worse/different/less violent and colourful turbo dismount

    coroding shadowcoroding shadow5 dagar sedan
  • This game needs to have realistic gore simulation. Otherwise, it is just boring.

    Monkey MonkMonkey Monk7 dagar sedan
  • Gimmme THE BALLS XD

    Juan GutierrezJuan Gutierrez9 dagar sedan
  • Ik this is a bootleg but i like this better tbh

    SnakeSnake9 dagar sedan
  • *when you can't decide if gray is a masochist or a sadist*

    LolbitLolbit10 dagar sedan
  • Ty5

    Mike FourieMike Fourie10 dagar sedan
  • No

    Henr37 BandaHenr37 Banda12 dagar sedan
  • This game is literally a dollar tree Turbo Dismount

    Gaydolf ShitlerGaydolf Shitler13 dagar sedan
  • Is this discount turbo dismount?

    NerfMaster114NerfMaster11413 dagar sedan
  • Gray: hear that crunching sound? Me: eating almonds while watching this Gray: it’s bones crunching Me: stares at my almonds in horror

    Gacha queen567Gacha queen56713 dagar sedan
  • Turbo dismount? More like turbo discount!

    Guardian WisdomGuardian Wisdom15 dagar sedan
  • 12:39 um keep it kid free gray

    Octopie GamingOctopie Gaming15 dagar sedan
  • Motorbike? Sounds stupid enough.

    Loony RiddlesLoony Riddles15 dagar sedan
  • This episode on GrayStillPlays without context

    Hpsuperfantimesten wessaHpsuperfantimesten wessa16 dagar sedan
  • “Why would you leave the house without tnt in you-“ *explosions* “It’s tnt”

    Hpsuperfantimesten wessaHpsuperfantimesten wessa16 dagar sedan
  • I would say we found Grays game but honestly the ceo of everything just created a whole genre just for games for Gray

    Hpsuperfantimesten wessaHpsuperfantimesten wessa16 dagar sedan
  • Great rip off of Turbo Dismount.

    Santa ClausSanta Claus16 dagar sedan
  • I think this game is a knock off of turbo dismount

    psychoboy 2.0!psychoboy 2.0!17 dagar sedan
  • 6:28 *FATALITY*

    Llibert Serés BardinaLlibert Serés Bardina17 dagar sedan
  • My arm broke

    Alvin KongAlvin Kong18 dagar sedan
  • Turbo discount??

    Elias RoperElias Roper18 dagar sedan
  • gay

    Ashley Santiago-TapperAshley Santiago-Tapper20 dagar sedan
  • Time stamp 2:23 the body disconnects and time stamp 6:58 the body gets so long like and comment me if you see these happen in the time stamps I just said and I’ll give you a shout out

    Nene FNene F20 dagar sedan
  • This game is weird because how can you break more than 206 bones huh?

    MiaMia21 dag sedan
  • Tubro dismount: am I a joke to yu?

    Daris AbdurrasyidDaris Abdurrasyid21 dag sedan
  • >:)

    ghost boyghost boy21 dag sedan
  • To everyone that suggests turbo dismount, he already played it-

    Some random WeebSome random Weeb23 dagar sedan
  • “Mom can we have turbo dismount?” “We have turbo dismount at home.” Turbo dismount at home:

    OkOk23 dagar sedan
  • 8:54 i think in happy wills you did XD

    Galaxy PrincessGalaxy Princess23 dagar sedan
  • from the creaters of turbo dismount

    Pazuzu DeamonPazuzu Deamon25 dagar sedan
  • rip

    VisionFuzzVisionFuzz25 dagar sedan
  • ow my bones they aere slowing being shoved through my shin

    BulbasaurGamesBulbasaurGames27 dagar sedan
  • um i dont think a busty girl can have a pelvis. 2:14

    Jacob Louis-FinJacob Louis-Fin28 dagar sedan
  • Am I the only one that noticed that the scream sounds like the scream in the song insane in the membrane no lie check it out

    hell raiser's _YThell raiser's _YT29 dagar sedan
  • "why would you leave the house without TNT in ya damn-.... nvm its TNT"

    blue crabsblue crabs29 dagar sedan
  • Infinite bone break is technically disintegrating since you cut atoms into uhhh wait-

    Average RobloxianAverage RobloxianMånad sedan
  • It’s impossible to break that many bones when there’s only 206 bones in the human body

    Puffy fishPuffy fishMånad sedan
  • This game is litteraly a reupload of turbodismount

    biloxikid12biloxikid12Månad sedan
  • 4300 bone breaking. Do you know what we call that? ROOKIE NUMBERS.

    pandaxxplanet 73pandaxxplanet 73Månad sedan
  • This is grey’s game

    Paige HubbardPaige HubbardMånad sedan
  • Turbo dismount is older This is just a copy

    Asankanu 457Asankanu 457Månad sedan
  • During the first person thing where you said I hope no one gets motion sickness- you just got jinxed ;-;

    Chicky & Friends :3Chicky & Friends :3Månad sedan
  • literally knockoff Turbo Dismount

    ComicComicMånad sedan
  • Imagine playing this in vr first person

    VoidVoidMånad sedan
  • "Gimme the balls!" Not gonna act like my mind didn't get a bit dirty there. But a funny line so yeet

    Nagito KomaedaNagito KomaedaMånad sedan
    • ,

      Mario SteffenMario SteffenMånad sedan
  • Wow a massive rip off of turbo dismount

    Blue KittenBlue KittenMånad sedan
  • Can you please play TurboDismount

    Eli AraujoEli AraujoMånad sedan
  • Me 43k ooh yeah. Gray ROOKIE NUMBERS

    Trevor TiglaoTrevor TiglaoMånad sedan
  • Not a ripoff of turbo dismount don't question it

    that onionthat onionMånad sedan
  • my favorite part would have to be where you thought the boxes weren't TNT in the truck and then immediately after they exploded and you're like oh yep they're TNT

    Spartan 118Spartan 118Månad sedan
  • Only real boomers will remember Stair Dismount

    Patrick S.Patrick S.Månad sedan
  • this is literally just turbo dismount.

    Lil RottaLil RottaMånad sedan
  • Soccer player: *gets lightly tapped on the knee* Also the soccer player: *the title*

    Infinity GamerInfinity GamerMånad sedan
  • I feel like he doesn't even know what he's saying half the time

    Jayden MaiJayden MaiMånad sedan
  • “nothing can go wrong” the tnt: b a s s b o o s t n o i s e

    did you just talk during independent reading timedid you just talk during independent reading timeMånad sedan
  • Oh god it's turbo dismount all over again :|

    Douglas PruittDouglas PruittMånad sedan
  • it not a gray game with out torture.

    Themerchant inblackThemerchant inblackMånad sedan
  • “fall off the boarddd.... gooodddd😈” it’s the evil voice for me 😂😭

    jamie pandolfojamie pandolfoMånad sedan
  • I love your chanel

    owen jobsowen jobsMånad sedan
  • Guy 1: You are color blind right? Women 1: Yes, why? Guy 1: Ok I know exactly what to get you for your birthday. Women 1: If you get me a rubik's cube I will shoot you.

    Itz_CookieItz_CookieMånad sedan
  • Guy 1: I wasnt that drunk Guys 2: yes you were, you stuffed my cat into a pillow case and ran around saying Its a pillow it's a pet it's a pillow pet. Guy 1: Oh

    Itz_CookieItz_CookieMånad sedan
  • So, this is just Turbo Dismount with extra steps.

    Mega AnkylosMega AnkylosMånad sedan
  • U should play turbo dismount

    Rexy the smartish TyrannosaurusRexy the smartish TyrannosaurusMånad sedan
  • Me: hoping to find someone who can joke about death and torturing Also me: Finds Gray Gray: 10x worse then Imagined

    RyeRyeMånad sedan
  • This was happy weels. But 3D.

    Daisy ValdezDaisy ValdezMånad sedan
  • The real one

    Raajiv ShroffRaajiv ShroffMånad sedan
  • Hey graystillplays can you send links in your description to download all those games I really want to play Happy Wheels

    Raajiv ShroffRaajiv ShroffMånad sedan
  • 12:28 GRAY! NO! BAD GRAY!!! You made it really really weird...

    Nathan HarrisNathan HarrisMånad sedan

    WizardcraftWizardcraftMånad sedan
  • Grey: they are not balls they are gisnt eggs Me: HAH THATS WHAT MY GF SAID

    WizardcraftWizardcraftMånad sedan
  • Stick woman the porcupine

    Dario CampoDario CampoMånad sedan
  • Yeah this is just turbo dismount but worse

    Kratonix GamingKratonix GamingMånad sedan
  • Looks like we won't be getting presents this year

    Just ProductionzJust ProductionzMånad sedan
  • Ah yes *Turbo discount*

    MintyMintyMånad sedan
  • Can you leave the link to this game in the description

    Ken KanekiKen KanekiMånad sedan
  • Just play turbo dismount

    OpeR4IDEROpeR4IDERMånad sedan
  • Reece dahms

    Reece DahmsReece DahmsMånad sedan
  • Literally turbo dismount but better??

    Amazon BoxAmazon BoxMånad sedan
  • This is just a complete rip of game of turbo dismount -_-

    PengweenPengweenMånad sedan
  • Gray must not have heard of turbo dismount or stair dismount those are the origional ragdoll games

    DJ R4TL3YDJ R4TL3YMånad sedan
  • Hi

    /:/:Månad sedan
  • Great value turbo dismount bruh

    Christian WallaceChristian WallaceMånad sedan
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    Flower PowerFlower PowerMånad sedan
  • what game is this

    jedigarrettjedigarrettMånad sedan
  • 6:21 "I'm INVINCIBLE!!!"-GraystillPlays *2 seconds later* Breaks his skull

    CyanCyanMånad sedan
  • Turbo dismount 2.0

    high and lowhigh and lowMånad sedan
  • 14:06 i really dont want to die, but my body my booodyyyy is telling me yeahhh

    Mat YTMat YTMånad sedan
  • 4:20 we had to call the ambulance because I choked on my food. I was liturally dieing of laughter.

    Grusio *Grusio *Månad sedan
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    Jared WashingtonJared WashingtonMånad sedan
  • Gray: this is the first stockman game with busty girl sticks Captainsauce in draw a stickman *ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT*

    Extrapower GamingExtrapower GamingMånad sedan
  • This is really reminding me of a refined version of turbo dismount lmao

    CrypticH0gCrypticH0gMånad sedan
  • 12:57 im a kid and santas bringing joy to me

    xXgetrektboiXxxXgetrektboiXxMånad sedan
  • You should play Dismount Gray!!!

    xxMånad sedan
  • Arrows is 150+

    Andrew StaceyAndrew StaceyMånad sedan