i completed the mystery jump challenge and this happened

2 nov 2020
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i completed the mystery jump challenge and this happened
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Happy Wheels is a ragdoll physics-based platform browser game developed and published by American studio Fancy Force. Created by video game designer Jim Bonacci in 2010, the game features several player characters, who use different, sometimes atypical, vehicles to traverse the game's many levels. Playing Banned Levels in Happy wheels


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  • It's so poetic

    LaneTheLameLaneTheLameTimme sedan
  • “I eat Doritos and crap Nintendo switches” GrayStillPlays-2020

    SuperD3clan _SuperD3clan _10 timmar sedan
  • More bottle flips, damnit!

    Railfan ProRailfan Pro10 timmar sedan
  • 8:59 . He... HE JEST DIED WITHOUT MAKING ANY CONTACT. Slow down the video at about that time i put.

    James BunnJames Bunn10 timmar sedan
  • Gray: makes the god level flip Also gray: JeSuS Me: actually it god sir The fly in the wall:👁👄👁...really?

    Tiffany RuthTiffany Ruth15 timmar sedan
  • Gray: You can’t kill me Game: *Kills Gray*

    TheGamingIdiotTheGamingIdiot15 timmar sedan
  • Why does he sound like captain sauce

    animeKatgurl ShenanimeKatgurl Shen17 timmar sedan
  • Nobody: GreyStillPlays: RECTUM

    Exotic ShinyExotic Shiny17 timmar sedan
  • 12:54 Gray: *_o w , i ' m s t u c k i n s i d e o f a w a l l . Me: dying

    tredI9100tredI910021 timme sedan
  • Gray: I hope 1 arm is going to be enough! me with 1938 arms and still needing more: -_-

    Stecks !Stecks !22 timmar sedan
  • You always use my name and that's pretty good 👍 👌 😉

    Tom WardTom WardDag sedan
  • Arrow:hmm so u think that you can beat me huh Gray:heck yes I deafeat the deafeat! Arrow:well then it's gonna be a painful the gray ! Gray:what did u say !!!!! Arrow:DIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE 'SHOOTS 1000 ARROWS AT GRAY!!!! ' GRAY :OOOOHHHHH NOOOOO Glitchest the best glitch' Fps:aw heck naw I ain't workin for ya gray! Fps :number 2!!!!!!

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  • Ooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Yet dude

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  • 13:51 totaljerkface why is that a website

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  • 2:13 capped it in god

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  • Now realise he sounds like deadpool

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  • Gray: gets it in god Also gray: oh jesus

    jojojojoDag sedan
  • "It's not impossible but it's not easy" -GrayStillPlays 2020

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  • I eat Doritos and crap Nintendo switches -GrayStillPlays- the definition of a pro gamer

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  • 7:48 That was almost syncing with the music in the backround

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  • 15:30 how did you do it

    [GD] Clickfast[GD] Clickfast2 dagar sedan

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  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂 bruh at 17:04 that harpoon said "ooo i like ya cut g " and i am subscribed as a fellow floridian

    Kenneth BatesKenneth Bates2 dagar sedan
  • If you put the video on 0.5 speed gray sounds like a drunk drug dealer in an allyway.

    AU MakerAU Maker2 dagar sedan
  • Half of a Florida man is a California man

    The ATFThe ATF2 dagar sedan
  • Alright so we’re watching the only person that has put the word alright for the first word in all of his videos... It’s GrayStillPlays

    Matthew SiglerMatthew Sigler2 dagar sedan
  • Gray will find a way it is like he knew how gray would do it

    imp buddyimp buddy3 dagar sedan
  • "I got my leg inside of God"-Graystillplays, 2020

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  • I love this game so much

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  • I just realized that most people think 6am is late

    Kathryn McCraryKathryn McCrary4 dagar sedan
  • Is australia man going to brazil?

    Other EinsteinOther Einstein4 dagar sedan
  • 8:45 Here, a bag of 500000 Doritos

    Noah LeonardoNoah Leonardo4 dagar sedan
  • Every time u go into a level, it’s like Timmy becomes the dad and the kid on his bike is his child

    Nightlynx The direwolfNightlynx The direwolf4 dagar sedan
  • It’s impossible :) Graystillplays oh oh oh ha impossible is what my fun is also gray completes it first try

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  • 1:30 Lolll you Found a way not only with bottles but with the body🤣

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  • guys grey did a BODY flip

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  • I believe the flag killed you actually

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  • ye?

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  • I english no

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  • id tid

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  • ye

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  • Again the great depression

    Ibrahim (Joey) LaRocqueIbrahim (Joey) LaRocque4 dagar sedan
  • Gray my E is standing up wait that’s not my arm Me do u spoken england

    deansande9 Playsdeansande9 Plays4 dagar sedan
  • "Mmmm,jiblets"

    Bella ClineBella Cline4 dagar sedan
  • You still play bottle run get it because your name is Graystillplays so u still play these

    Circulater_pupCirculater_pup5 dagar sedan
  • Most people watch try not to laugh videos I can just watch one of your videos and lose every time

    Sean CaseySean Casey5 dagar sedan
  • Whose idea was it to make a BUNCH O' ARROWS fire at once and make Grey Crash like hell? LOL BTW. Like if you see this as a funny comment ; )

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  • Grey found a way

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  • 2:00 80% a Funny Moment

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  • #tips #impostor #crew mate

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  • Click this 0:00

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  • Well they were right gray found a way ;-;

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  • showt out to graystillplays❤❤💕💕💕💕💕❤❤❤❤❤

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  • “The letter E” Ah, I see your a man of culture as well.

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  • Gray:you can't kill me Also grey:*dies* Woods:you can't kill me!

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  • Epic

    • p a r a c x m •• p a r a c x m •6 dagar sedan
  • Grey still gay

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  • Grey

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  • the amount of dirtyness your vids have.. peasus christ help us all edit: mmm giblets

  • His name is garystillplays cuz he’s still plays

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  • 5:02 ... Showerthoughts: Each time you buy a Microsoft product you pay the Bill

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  • I got so uncomfortable when u said “I got my leg inside god” 1:26

    Stinky BeansStinky Beans7 dagar sedan
  • 😂😂😂

    TRD F A S T 2332TRD F A S T 23327 dagar sedan
  • 13:11 ohhhhhhh piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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  • impossible: Go away *Gray gets God*

    Paris_DragønParis_Dragøn7 dagar sedan
  • There was a block that killed u, grey, at 9:01

    Yan BaiYan Bai7 dagar sedan
  • Here's a question: Is Gray *gay?*

    Random DemonRandom Demon7 dagar sedan
  • Gray throw the bottle in the ''eh'' area: gray: ''straight into canada!'' me: ''f u, gray! love ya too you mofo!'' *big smilling face*🤣

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  • Lol ~ Grayplays lots of these types of games

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  • 17:25 is ToM HaRdY

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  • 80:00

    Matthew McGahanMatthew McGahan7 dagar sedan
  • Gray out of context makes me die of laughter everytime-

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  • 1:46 I guess he did find a way

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  • 2:03 I SQUEALED!!!! 😂😂😂😂

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  • Im from West Australia

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  • Yo I checked this mans vibe it’s uh inf.%

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  • skip to the end click reply and it drops all the ads Please say this In every video you see so nobody haves to lose time by seeing ads

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  • “Eat Doritos and craps nentendo switchs

    Rory NelsonRory Nelson9 dagar sedan
  • 2:08 didnt notice you capped on god

    nathan lutundulanathan lutundula9 dagar sedan
  • 11:13 Y E E T U S.

    Jevel plays and reacts deltaruneJevel plays and reacts deltarune9 dagar sedan
  • 15:50

    Oof YeetOof Yeet9 dagar sedan
  • 2:00 You can’t kill me I’m th... BOOM! Gray

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  • 1:05 I died when i heard that!!!

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  • 1:05 best song ever for Happy Wheels

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  • Yo the first try in the you cant

    Samuel Manolo BeltranSamuel Manolo Beltran9 dagar sedan
  • You got a bottle to "gray will find a way" with your organs

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  • 11:36 Pause to see what it says

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  • "Yes I got my leg inside of god!!" XD

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  • Some of these scare my claustrophobia

    Michael HollowayMichael Holloway9 dagar sedan
  • "you cant kill me" - last words of Florida man

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  • Level: gray will find a way Gray: oh yes I will *continues to yeet self into it*

    Roses&TeaRoses&Tea10 dagar sedan
  • ‘What’s half of a florida man?’ A California Man. Im speaking from being a florida many myself.

    The Noob EmpireThe Noob Empire10 dagar sedan
  • 9:10 actually you were penetrated by a pink block you can watch it it 0.25 speed to see for yourself

    Anthony John ThawngAnthony John Thawng10 dagar sedan
  • When you put your hand on the impossible it was kinda cheating

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  • FLO

    Bone Khant OoBone Khant Oo11 dagar sedan
  • Graysstillplays thumbnails of happy wells: Thumbnail with pogo jump,video start with bottle flip Thumbnail with bottle flip,video start with pogo jump

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  • 9:50 if you hear closely the father says dab

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