i made parenting 1,000,000x more violent

14 aug 2020
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i made parenting 1,000,000x more violent
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Happy Wheels is a ragdoll physics-based platform browser game developed and published by American studio Fancy Force. Created by video game designer Jim Bonacci in 2010, the game features several player characters, who use different, sometimes atypical, vehicles to traverse the game's many levels. Playing Banned Levels in Happy wheels

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    • Hi I am a bigggggggggggg fan

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    • Well, you are gray soooo.....your crazy(Normal to me) ways make the best content

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  • When a pycho is bored in quarintine

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  • bro at 7:47 i cant

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    • hes just being hanged by 2 harpoons and the son is just watching like "daddy can i get some ice cream??"

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  • Hi

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  • Why is this restricted content? Why was it

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  • Rip grays tablet

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  • *t a n k*

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  • One like equals one F in chat for Gray’s tablet

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  • 10:30 If you run in that position, you'll achieve incredibly high speed

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  • Face reveal face reveal face reveal face reveal face reveal face reveal face reveal face reveal face reveal face reveal face reveal

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  • It's easy! First get a jar. Gray that's a tank. Gray: Yes.

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  • the content is age restricted :( got to wait 2 months more

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    • Get a new fake acc

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  • This got age restricted because of the blood and the other rookie stuff

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  • Dang you called a cabbage a watermelon

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  • Your driving teacher asks you where you learned to drive like that. Your anwser "Happy wheels"

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  • Starving children could have eaten that tablet.

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  • 7:42 That's just a f*****g horror scene

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  • why is this age restricted

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  • What a waste of money

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  • He really called a cabbage a watermelon

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  • Afk blows

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  • I don't think I have seen anything more beautifully than Betty bashing skulls which fat

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  • HELL

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  • Yknow he prolly buys the phones and tablets just to stab and saw and cut but what if he didnt like just imagine (gray:”hey i would like to fix this” the employee:”so how did this happen” gray:”oh i just stabbed it with one of my knives for a sponsor” the employee:”bruh”)

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  • 9:02 for some reason i started laugh so hard

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  • Lol there was an inappropriat video warning on the video

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  • That thumbnail messes with my eyes.

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  • This video was age restricted

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  • I cant watch it and im 19????

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  • I love you graystillplay

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  • 6:00 lol is that like some type of covid 19 level. If so there pretty accurate on how dangerous it can be

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  • f for the tablet

  • F rip tablet

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  • Gray: I see him *gray fires tank* Me: I think he saw him

  • This Is How Much Meat There Was At The First Level 👎

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  • I can't watch the video even tho I have watched it before... it says the video is too inappropriate for some viewers. and the worst part is that I'm not a child. I don't have on the child protection ether...

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    • I know, why the hell is it age restricted?

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  • 9:44 he was like spooderman

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  • rearrange the name santa, you get S A T A N, satan claus

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  • First thing I see is comments

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  • Tom hardy on in the title of the video image *pulls out star platinum and deflects half of them*

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  • Before even watching this i got a question if this is too inapropriate

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  • Four words, @SEworld: It's just a game. Why do you age restrict this one very specific Happy Wheels video, and, can you please remove the age restriction like all other @GrayStillPlays Happy Wheels videos? The violence cannot be that bad, can it?

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  • Gray: threw away a perfectly good watermelon Me: that’s a cabbage

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  • 4:22 if Trump had won the election. 7:35 when the teacher assigns homework on the first day.

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  • No one: Gray: calls a *cabbage* a FLIPPIN *W A T E R M E L O N*

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  • Could you play a first person shooter gray

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  • Corona virus=covid-19 *Korona virus*=Croatia

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    Mikkel Rytter og blå bamse og alligator og BlobbiMikkel Rytter og blå bamse og alligator og BlobbiMånad sedan

    Your Local Food • Yes years ago •Your Local Food • Yes years ago •Månad sedan
  • *Age Restricted* SEworld is too scared of gray that they did that

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  • I was not expecting the age restriction warning.

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  • 12:05 I feel bad for the first guy

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