when all the nukes on earth explode at once

13 sep 2020
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when all the nukes on earth explode at once
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sry Florida
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  • Him: sends nuke Me: good thing this is a game (Boom noises) Me:😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

    Brian Dinh NguyenBrian Dinh Nguyen10 timmar sedan
  • You're probably already on several watchlists XD

    katelynworkman776864katelynworkman776864Dag sedan
  • He used the nuke on where i live tampa

    Edric HEdric H3 dagar sedan
  • Ahh sh$$ i cant belive you don this

    DrEaM¿¡NoT fOunĎDrEaM¿¡NoT fOunĎ5 dagar sedan
  • Hi I love your videos I’m a big favorite fan

    Lindsey SchultzLindsey Schultz6 dagar sedan
  • My brain Hurts

    Melanie ToroMelanie Toro7 dagar sedan
    • /eyes affter you finished that beautiful painting:)

      Melanie ToroMelanie Toro7 dagar sedan
  • Production nuclear weapons are given simple designations while the named ones are test weapons. Operation Ivy's "King" shot was a backup plan in case the "Mike" test (you know that stock photo of the pure white mushroom cloud?) of a Hydrogen fusion device failed, that way the U.S. still had some sort of P.R. material. The Tsar Bomba you used was the theoretical maximum, it was a three-stage thermonuclear weapon that had to be tampered down to 50 so that the Tu-95 "Bear" dropping it had enough time to retreat; it already had to have the bay doors removed and extra fuel removed in order to carry it.

    DallensonDallenson11 dagar sedan
  • 2:21 what is that thing called :(

    Octavio Camacho SánchezOctavio Camacho Sánchez13 dagar sedan
  • gray didnt care about phillipines

    big brainbig brain16 dagar sedan
  • There are roughly 15k nukes in the world.. dont ask how i know this-

    Some random WeebSome random Weeb18 dagar sedan
  • What if whenever grey destroys an earth in a different multiverse an earth dies until it gets to us

    Nathan ConstantNathan Constant20 dagar sedan

    Subliminals EXESubliminals EXE21 dag sedan
  • Im pretty sure that grey is drunk in every video he makes

    Tally SnedTally Sned22 dagar sedan
  • I know it's funny is how many more people died from Coronavirus

    Landen BurnsLanden Burns22 dagar sedan
  • I have that exact same auto clicker

    StreamGodzStreamGodz23 dagar sedan
  • Is this a a video game video or educational video?

    Moad The GamerMoad The Gamer27 dagar sedan
  • Me: *sees chika dancing* Also me: me like very much

    MemeLord DKMemeLord DK27 dagar sedan
  • 4:11 how in google earth😥😭

    Leviathan 4.0Leviathan 4.028 dagar sedan
  • 3:48 "Cockburn Town"

    Glen JudgeGlen Judge29 dagar sedan
  • Let's be honest guys, this will happen in 2020. It won't surprise me

    SamSam29 dagar sedan
  • Funny how I found nukemap years ago and here it is in a Graystillplays video. Because where else would it end up

    E.R.I.NE.R.I.NMånad sedan
  • I think its safe to say my man hates Florida.

    JugggerNaawwt !JugggerNaawwt !Månad sedan
  • talks like trump sounds depressed

    Yusuf AbasoomarYusuf AbasoomarMånad sedan
  • Ahhh nukemap many an hour I have spent dropping nuclear rakes across Canada to see what the future will bring when the US commences the day of the rake. Gray:"Oh Tampa I'm so sorry!" Me: *presses x for doubt*

    A.G The sliver bulletA.G The sliver bulletMånad sedan
  • The one thing I can take away from this is I might live kinda close to gray as I am in Bradenton which is under Tampa which is cool.

    RoylingRoylingMånad sedan
  • so are we just gonna skip over Cockburn Town at 3:47

    toomanyburgztoomanyburgzMånad sedan
  • the umbrella academy is unrealistic compared to this

    Jack WhiteJack WhiteMånad sedan
  • But they forgot the amount of nuclear radiation spread cross the whole country!

    ytnoat120ytnoat120Månad sedan
  • God- "why did you kill everyone?" Gray- "I wanted to see if I could make earth look like an egg."

    Doughboi_ BigboiDoughboi_ BigboiMånad sedan
  • Ivy king is a bomb

    Jakov KovacevicJakov KovacevicMånad sedan
  • Lol when you said "hey google" it set off my google assistant aswell lmao

    TheTheMånad sedan
  • Reminds me of OOO

    Rizky AgungRizky AgungMånad sedan
  • i wish the earth was a cube lmao

    Just a Bunch of AtomsJust a Bunch of AtomsMånad sedan
  • Tsar is the name of the first emperor of Russia. Hm

    Smith BabiesSmith BabiesMånad sedan
  • Comment Karen: Grey please stop doing this to the planet. You are melting my daughters snow man and it is upsetting her. If you do not stop soon I will not hesitate to get the police involved.

    Project_RobinProject_RobinMånad sedan
  • Where is the house of carbs?

    Hazem NassarHazem NassarMånad sedan
  • *GrayStillPlays has been arrested for war crimes.*

    TrashDragonTrashDragonMånad sedan
  • He just slapped that nuke on top off my city

    Impullsi0n480Impullsi0n480Månad sedan
  • Man why you gotta do that to us in Tampa

    Derrick HelmikDerrick HelmikMånad sedan
  • It's weird that I learn so much watching these videos.

    I'm Ally and I like frogsI'm Ally and I like frogsMånad sedan
  • Chika dance made me happy

    Brr LegoBrr LegoMånad sedan
  • 2020 exists: Everybody gangsta till we hear alright...

    The M33M P00tisThe M33M P00tisMånad sedan
  • The 100 mega ton tsar bomba nuke is not real but the 50 megaton one is no longer in use but still exist

    Luis AguileraLuis AguileraMånad sedan
  • I have no idea but I have google ay that’s how I got 122 it and know stuff that I shouldn’t not even know at all at the age of 9 :)

    Luis AguileraLuis AguileraMånad sedan
  • Gray, there’s around 14,500 nukes on the planet

    Ashsome Works817Ashsome Works817Månad sedan
  • nukemap was made for creating plans to survive a nuclear attack

    Determined CatmanDetermined CatmanMånad sedan
  • Dude. You set off my google.

  • Haha aaaaaaa minecraft

    Triple - DepressionTriple - DepressionMånad sedan
  • The nuke thing is actually scary

    Jesse GroomesJesse GroomesMånad sedan
  • Of course a florida man plays this game

    EzekielFNEzekielFNMånad sedan
  • if you want to know more about what would happen if every nuke on earth exploded at once you can watch a vid abt it! Kurzgesagt made it and its pretty interesting

    KarisKarisMånad sedan
  • 2020: the game: doesnt exist Gray: i can fixit

    internet arsyainternet arsyaMånad sedan
  • 4:05 Music: Bowser's Castle New Super Mario bros DS

    Angel Gamer045Angel Gamer045Månad sedan
  • So since this took me so long, I thought that I'd say that the song playing during the Google earth bit is a remix of the castle theme from New super Mario bros ds. The exact remix is actually the browsers castle theme from mario sluggers

    Brendan NowakBrendan Nowak2 månader sedan
  • 12:37 Minecraft be like:

    missingno minermissingno miner2 månader sedan
  • Bruh that mario super sluggers music hit hard

    Gage HoskinGage Hoskin2 månader sedan
  • in 2min and16sec what that app

  • I appreciate the accuracy of the Math. Thank you Google.

    IdunnoIdunno2 månader sedan
  • 4:08 Game?

    Robloxian GamerRobloxian Gamer2 månader sedan
  • seworld.info/will/e22V28ebpISf03k/video

    Luis BobadillaLuis Bobadilla2 månader sedan
  • Thumbnail is a pac-man earth 🌍

    Void TNTVoid TNT2 månader sedan
  • just say "alexa stop" and it will stop

    Paliden GamerPaliden Gamer2 månader sedan
  • seworld.info/will/gLGpqNerpmCF3Gg/video You're welcome

    Deranged CroutonDeranged Crouton2 månader sedan
  • thomas the train

    nguyenthao truongvinh TVnguyenthao truongvinh TV2 månader sedan
  • There are approximately 1,861 nukes spread over the rest of the world, between China, Israel, the U.K, Pakistan, and India. France has the largest number of nukes after the U.S. and Russia. #GoogleCopyAndPaste

    ꧁Frost The Snow Dragon꧂꧁Frost The Snow Dragon꧂2 månader sedan
  • When you realize Gray blew up you’re hometown with a Tsar Bomba. OHHHH SHIIIIIIIII-

    Drew MaurerDrew Maurer2 månader sedan
  • Me: You live close to me... :( Gray: North or south? Me: Whaaa??

    Bauer Brew-CrewBauer Brew-Crew2 månader sedan
  • Gray play a game called nuke em all it's really fun and has nukes

    anonomys guy 1860anonomys guy 18602 månader sedan
  • When you remove the core the whole planet dies

    ShipWreck Clan HubShipWreck Clan Hub2 månader sedan
  • I'm sorry is that Mario Super Sluggers music I hear as this man is blowing up the Earth with every nuke?

    ExposureToFilmExposureToFilm2 månader sedan
  • New weapons, seworld.info/will/n4rZnLqvjpdp2H0/video

    james mayojames mayo2 månader sedan
  • You should try that YOLO? game

    Kyle DavisKyle Davis2 månader sedan
  • Wait I love on the UK And I didn't really expect the 120 nuclear warheads to be able to do that much damage Lemme just go hack them all

    Owen WILLIAMSOwen WILLIAMS2 månader sedan
  • Why does he hate Florida so much

    Elspaniard02 _ytElspaniard02 _yt2 månader sedan
    • Who doesn't?

      Furret030Furret0302 månader sedan
  • You vaporized my mom.

    Baby ShenanigansBaby Shenanigans2 månader sedan
  • 8:15 pack man hi

    Megan ManasseroMegan Manassero2 månader sedan
  • you should kill everyone but 1 person

    Rxspect.-.Rxspect.-.2 månader sedan
  • Make earth flat

    Xochi SetlichXochi Setlich2 månader sedan
  • lol you have outer clicker i have outer clicker too

    Maximilian BMaximilian B2 månader sedan
  • This is a game with death rays Proceeds to kill everyone on the earth with one laser pointer

    Diamond_The _CatDiamond_The _Cat2 månader sedan
  • Your computer SUCKS! My phone can handle like 100 of those cyborg bombs and maintain good FPS! Just use your phone, it’s more reliable

    Aiden CaseyAiden Casey2 månader sedan
  • Guys use recon i use them to watch this video and its was so fun. If you use the graystilplay link you can save 15% on recon!

    a normal personnea normal personne2 månader sedan
  • There’s a new update and one weapon Well Lets just say it’s a one shot kill

    Mrawsome 0506Mrawsome 05062 månader sedan
  • 1:24 Was not expecting Chika Fujiwara in a GrayStillPlays video

    Teo SandellTeo Sandell2 månader sedan
    • Same

      Brr LegoBrr LegoMånad sedan
  • Sooo, funny story. I put tsar bomba on a Starbucks in London, by boots, and it killed 3,698,000. No joke. I used surface detonation because air is less damage

    BeansBeans2 månader sedan
  • This is god smiting is for all our sins

    Superr RhysSuperr Rhys2 månader sedan
  • Yay! Channelside, represent!

    David DzienDavid Dzien2 månader sedan
  • This is gray fu**ing around for 13minutes and 35 seconds

    Unicorn MiaUnicorn Mia2 månader sedan
  • Hey grey who made solar smash

    đĕmøņ whìţēđĕmøņ whìţē2 månader sedan
  • lol this is 2020

    karsanao gameskarsanao games2 månader sedan
  • Gray there's a new update

    Richie ColeRichie Cole2 månader sedan
  • I like how he starts every vid with alright

    De4thByLeGo YTDe4thByLeGo YT2 månader sedan
  • how do you get this on pc?

    Lul 3 JaayLul 3 Jaay2 månader sedan
  • Gray looking up how many people will die from a nuclear warhead " i think I am now on the FBI's watch list" Me: Gray i think you've always been on the FBI watch list

    Andrew BackmanAndrew Backman2 månader sedan
  • You Need to Play the new update

    Koolaid or somethingKoolaid or something2 månader sedan
  • 7:10 That's where Nebraska is, Gray. Canada was actually almost entirely untouched by your bombardment, although considering the amount of radiation involved I still don't like our odds.

    HPetchHPetch2 månader sedan
  • I have to say your amazing at what you do you make me laugh a lot to

    Chan man ForeverChan man Forever2 månader sedan
  • Wait why are we still producing Nuclear bombs??

    ThatguyThatguy2 månader sedan
  • guy:*drinking his coffee and enjoying his life* Gary:alright so we are checking out the game where you can detonate all the nukes at once guy:*spits out coffee* wait you can do what?

    demi dreamdemi dream2 månader sedan
  • As soon as he made square earth, I got a SEworld notification of him posting a video of making square earth.

    1 mil no vids1 mil no vids2 månader sedan